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A steel blade pierced the Princess of Heart’s chest.

Even as a Shinigami the princess foolishly thought she could save him in time.

The princess truly believed that together they could save everyone.

`I’m sorry Aqua. . .Everyone.`

Miya thought sadly picturing the little blue haired girl’s smile in her mind.

Bright azure eyes looking up to her like the big sister she had become to be.

Miya reflected back a few hours ago; recalling the events that once transpired as their final moments together:

Miya held the small girl gently in her arms, "Miya-chan?" The little girl spoke slowly opening her eyes. She looked around to find someone missing. "Where's Kero?. . .Miya." Miya held Aqua close, "Listen to me. . .I really wish I had enough time to train you properly, but I can see now that you don't really need me. Aqua-chan you hold so much potential and I am glad we met." Tears pricked at the corners of Aqua's eyes, why did it sound like Miya was saying goodbye? "Please don't go!" Aqua hugged the female warrior tightly, her strong sister and role model. Startled, Miya slowly patted her head, "Sharp as ever, that will come in handy." Aqua's tears made it very difficult, but it had to be done. With quick precision, Miya knocked out Aqua laying her gently, in a sitting position, between Ventus and Terra. Her keyblade Rainfell appeared in one of her black fingerless gloved hands. The blade felt smooth and cool, its power coursed through her arm. Miya pressed her forehead against Aqua's unconscious body,"With this keyblade. . .I leave the future to you. Use it well, my apprentice.", tears rolled down her face; this would be their very last moment together. Miya kissed Aqua's forehead saying goodbye.
"I love you." She whispered in a shaky voice. Salty tears dripped from her face and landed on Aqua's. Miya slowly released the little girl, letting her lay down between her two friends. Rainfell sparkled in Aqua's tiny hand; a perfect fit. Miya smiled getting up and turned her back on the little ones. "Are you sure." Eraqus asked standing a few feet away on the grassy hill they were in. Only the stars and the moon were the audience to this sad farewell. Miya paused mid stride from the portal she was about to enter. "Yes, those children will be the keys to a happier future. All that I ask of you is to train Ven, Aqua, and Terra. Protect them for me.. . .No for both of us. Please." Eraqus nodded, "I will do my best, your highness." Miya nodded satisfied that he would indeed protect them. "Who knows, maybe one day we'll all see each other again." Miya's smile was filled with so much hope that Eraqus believed it too. Eraqus looked into the starry night sky. "Perhaps you all will." Miya smiled back at him then blinked forgetting something. She walked over placing a pretty charm which was made of a deep blue stain glass. The pendant sparkled and the shape itself almost resembled a flower. "Give this to Aqua for me." Eraqus closed his hand around it then made another promise with the princess.

Miya came back from her reverie fighting off heartless.  

Wielding two keyblades, she stopped half an army of the evil beings.

"I won't let you hurt them." Keyblades sliced through the air cutting down large numbers of the enemy. She could see Hana and her wolf children's smiling faces in her mind. "You won't win this war!" Water turned to ice crushing heartless into pieces. Makoto and Chiaki; Kushina's and Minato's, Sophie and Howl's faces flooded from various memories of the times she spent with them. "The Light will always find a way to banish the Darkness!" Moving like water she gracefully danced across the battlefield defeating enemies left and right. Aqua and many other friends came back to her mind. "And I won't let you take the people that are close to my heart." A huge explosion shook the ground behind her. Numerous heartless all died at once from her devastating magical blow. Water was truly her element and she knew how deadly it could be. Crystals erupted everywhere killing off the remaining swarm.

"Nice speech, but it won't save you or him." A little girl's voice was the only warning Miya got before being attacked. Miya's keyblade, Destiny's Embrace barely blocked the attack. The girl's sparkly pink eyes matched her sadistic smile as long silky orange hair flowed freely from her Organization 13's hood. Miya did a backflip dodging another attack.
"Awww, you're no fun." The little girl pouted, "Luxanne. Don't do this." Miya warned.
"Do what? Have fun? Older people are so boring. . . .Despite that fact. . .I can't wait to see what happens to Kero." Miya gasped seeing the battle in the sky. Kero was losing a lot of blood. She had to be there for him. "Out of my way!" Miya yelled sending off an onslaught of powerful attacks that Luxanne barely dodged. "Whaaaaaa!" The little girl crashed into a boulder. Raindrops woke her up sometime later just in time to see Miya stop the fighting between Renox and Kero.

The rain poured from the sky as if mourning an upcoming loss.

Blood dripped down the girl’s chin from a loud cough.

Her violet eyes slowly found the one she most wanted to protect.  

The shock quickly passed between the opposing warriors.

Renox removed his blade from the princess’s chest and decided to give them a final moment. “I love you.” The princess’s soft whisper caressed her prince’s heart watching his eyes widen.  Her long pink hair danced about her angelic face as her glimmering eyes filled with tears, staring deeply into Kero’s warm brown eyes all the while touching his forehead. Kero formed Miya’s name on his lips watching her bright angel wings take flight, hands releasing him.

Heartless flung themselves at the princess only to die in seconds by her whirling keyblades hovering in the air. Miya’s body began to shatter as she performed one final spell. A shining pink magical circle appeared at her feet while Miya made quick gestures completing the task that would save him and their future.

Kero’s eyes grew heavy barely witnessing the last of Miya’s body dwindling into gleaming cherry blossom petals. Kero fell head first through the starless night sky.

Darkness clouded his vision as his body too faded into sparkles of light.

The great hero vanished from the world never to be heard from again.

- - -

"Poor Kero and Miya!" Black Mokona cried from atop Yuko's lap.

"It was inevitable, a fate that couldn't be changed no matter how each side wished it wouldn't." Black Mokona took a sip of his sake drink overlooking the pretty Sakura petals flying in the night breeze.

The soft pink petals reminded him of Miya’s hair and the girl’s tender nature.

"Yeah, but do you think they will see each other again?"

Yuko withdrew a puff of smoke from her pipe and watched its smoky tendrils snake out of the balcony and disperse.

"Yes . . . Not in the way they expected."

Black Mokona's ears flattened at her response. "This is bringing Mokona down."

Yuko petted his soft black fur. A smile tugged at her crimson lips as she closed her eyes. "The boy has touched many hearts forming strong bonds. Without realizing it he and Miya have triggered a set of paths where many will tread upon. Since he is gone, the dream can't continue. Until then our dream will wait for him to awaken."

The wind picked up causing most of the delicate petals to shower the balcony as though raindrops had magically turned to rain in a blink of an eye.

Yuko opened her eyes strands of long black hair hid part of her face.

"And from there I will wait for our paths to finally cross."

The cherry blossoms danced wildly in the cool breeze.

A single petal fell into the small pond which reflected the moon like an elegant mirror.

Images of a boy walking through a city and a girl with short black hair overlooking the ocean appeared in mysterious flashes before fading into the darkness. The cherry blossoms released their petals into the wind once more flying into the moonlit starry sky.

- - -

Kero’s body floated down into the crystal clear watery depths of a lake. His body fell gently into a crystallized flower where he would sleep for a long time.

Yuko’s voice echoed through the depths of the water reaching him from the distance of her shop as cherry blossom petals sparkled on their way up the heavens capturing the moon's light. “Sleep well. . .  Everyone will be waiting and so will I.”
Hii, everyone I'm slowly getting back into writing. XD. This is the prologue to the remake of my Kuroshitsuji circus arc. As well as spoilers to Kingdom Hearts: Tears of the Light. So please review and leave comments. I miss reading what people think.

The song that goes to this prologue:…
She was deeply fascinated by them, large pink eyes watching each and every one of them fall.
The black sky, darker than the shadows in the corner of the room sprinkled an endless array of diamonds, clear and bright like the stars. Their small bodies melting into the earth and across pavement, surprised the little girl. "Oy, so you must be the new girl." A cheerful voice interrupted the quiet in the room. The girl ignored him continuing to watch the diamonds drop from the sky outside the window. "The sky, it's crying." The boy approached her also taking a peek outside then chuckled, "How do you know for sure, that it's crying?"

The girl furrowed her eyebrows together in confusion, "The word just came to me."

"I see. . .Number VII." A veil of blue bangs hid his piercing green eyes that were cold as ice, even he warmly smiled at the little girl. "It is rather interesting how you came up with that word, because of the simple fact-"

"There you are Number VII." Renox appeared in the hallway and walked over to them.

"Great, so you've met Xander." Renox shot Xander a glare in which Xander only smiled.

"Xander." Number VII looked back at Xander who still wore his false smile.

"Nice to meet you." The little girl shook his gloved hand slightly.

"Whose turn is it to name our new teammate?" Xander asked and was delighted to see Renox clench his teeth, "Mine." Xander still smiled pissing his colleague off even more.

"Have you come up with a name for her yet?"

Renox sighed and shook his head, "Wait. . . .Why didn't I think of this before?"

Kneeling down he touched the girl's forehead and a reddish light flashed from his fingertips. "What are you doing?" The girl glared at him finding herself that she couldn't move! "I'm delving into your memories in hopes they can give me some sort of hint of what your name once was. . . .So I can make up a new one from your original."

The girl relaxed and closed her eyes seeing shattered glimpses of what had to be fragments of her memories. "Luanne. . . .That was your original name." Renox said dropping his hand from her forehead. "Luanne?" The girl asked, blinking slightly.

"That's what I saw a woman utter at you, in one torn memory." Renox confirmed and stood up.

"Then what shall my name be?" The girl asked looking at him with expected eyes.

"Your name will be. . .Luxanne."

"My name is Luxanne. Not just Number VII. . . .I am now Luxanne." Luxanne stated and silently said her name over and over again to memorize it. Renox nodded, "Yes, Luxanne. . .It means graceful light."

Xander laughed earning another glare from the stoic Renox!

"Wow, Renox I never thought you would come up with a pretty name for the little girl. It certainly suits her." Luxanne blushed slightly at Xander's compliment.

"I-I was just doing my job!" Renox seethed then composed himself.

"We need to move out, the Witch finally saw whose been carrying a potential power that could threaten our master."

Xander raised an eyebrow, "Oh? And Master wants us to investigate this person?"

"Yes, we'll travel together and teach Luxanne some of the ropes so to speak."

Renox looked over to Luxanne who now had her face and hands pressed to the window watching the rain again. "The sky loves the rain." She whispered drawn to its pretty sight.

"And we get to do some sight seeing! . . .What world is this person in?"

Renox tugged Luxanne away from the window then opened a portal with a wave of his hand.

"We're going to the Castle of Dreams."

Xander felt excited, being trapped in this God forsaken place for long periods of time would drive anyone crazy! "Did the witch know their name?" The light hearted boy asked walking beside his darker friend.

Luxanne held onto Renox's cloak walking closely next to him.


"Ah, great name."

"Kero." Luxanne repeated, the name seemed to be filled with warmth like the light.

What's up with everyone?
No longer was she immersed in water but in pure darkness floating down within a mysterious world of stain glass windows that sparkled as though bathed in sunlight.

"Come to me if that is what you desire the most."

A woman's gentle voice whispered fluttering like butterfly wings across her foggy mind.

"Yes." Her heart whispered back, eyes slowly opening, body plummeting surrounded by pieces of stain glass. Long shiny strands of hair brushed the air as pieces of stain glass shards floated inches near her face when she gazed down at a big image etched in colorful glass.

The image was a girl with lustrous strands of pink hair flowing down her back in an elegant waterfall, her eyes were closed and hands folded in prayer. A beautiful white gown billowed like a blossoming flower around her lithe form. She was surrounded by a field of bright flowers, of many colors, their blossoms almost looked they were about to pop out of the stain glass masterpiece. An azure sky with fluffy white clouds shined brightly when the girl's feet touched the fragile surface. She peered down at the beautiful girl studying the mesmerizing work of art.

"Then let's begin the chain of events that I have foreseen."

The woman's voice from before made her look up to see no one there.

The stain glass window  where the girl stood, glowed brightly making her shield her eyes.

Opening her eyes she stared into a woman's face, dark wisps of shadow danced like smoke in an empty stark white room. The woman's hands held the sides of her face on her lap.

Golden moon shaped eyes with a hint of green in the center stared back at her.

Black wide-swept bangs framed her face perfectly while the rest flowed down her back passing her waist. The girl's head rested against the soft fabric of the woman's long strapless dress; black sleeveless sleeves adorned her arms and showed her bare shoulders.

Curling black shadows forming a portal slowly disappeared.

"Hello." The woman's shiny red painted lips cracked a friendly smile.

"Where am I?" The girl watched the last of the writhing shadows disperse into thin air.

"Inside my master's sanctuary."


The woman nodded, "The others will be eager to meet you."

A door suddenly opened revealing a tall figure draped in a black robe that was darker than the shadows themselves. The woman stood helping the girl up all smiles gone.

He too had golden eyes, eyes that for a second seemed familiar.

"I see she's finally awakened."

The girl squinted her eyes trying to see any facial features, it was impossible.

"She holds much promise." The witch smiled watching her master nod.

"Let's hope so." Turning to the girl in question, the mysterious man examined her.

"Since I saved you, you will be working for me from now on and will be known as . . ."
He paused thinking for a moment, "Number VII."

"Number VII."

The girl responded void of all emotions wearing a black hooded robe of her own.  

Her long silky orange hair traveled passed her waist line touching her legs.

"Do not make me regret my decision in saving your soul." The man's black gloved hand lightly patted her head then walked away. He stopped when a portal of swirling shadows appeared in the center of the room. "Ah, Renox, I see you got my message."
The young man looked at their master through a veil of black bangs, his piercing red eyes glimmered like sapphires.

His eyes landed on the new girl who looked back at him with a look of emptiness.

She noticed he had crimson streaks in his hair that seemed to compliment his haunting red orbs. A pink hue dusted her cheeks at how handsome he was, despite herself.

"Please welcome Number VII to the rest, begin her training, and then escort her to her new room." Their master's golden eyes pinned Renox with an annoyed look when his personal lackey didn't respond. "Yeah, yeah." Renox sighed, "But aren't you going to give her a proper name than just her number?"

Turning his head slightly, their master looked from the girl and back to Renox's own annoyed look. "That will be your job."

"Stuck with naming another one, Renox?" The woman smirked knowing she was pissing him off even more. The girl stood silently staring at the two of them.

"I don't have to respond to your annoying little games, witch."

Renox replied coolly walking up to them.  

"You just did." She gave him a flirtatious smile and took her leave.


Number VII held her hand out to the woman who saved her, but she already had left.

"Don't mind her, she's just a nuisance."

"Renox, what is her name?"


"Fuyuka." Number VII repeated rolling the name on her tongue.

"Fuyuka said I will meet the others."

"Yeah, this is going to be fun." Renox sighed hating his little side job.  

Number VII followed him out of the room and walked down a long hallway then rounded another corner and down two flights of stairs.

"Stick by me and do not get lost." Renox said, "That's the only rule I'm giving you for now." He turned towards her to see she had disappeared from his side.

"Damn it." He sighed, she was going to be a handful.


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