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It is difficult especially from scratch! You have to have immense brainstorming power and your best friend by your side: caramel mocha or that spicy cinnamon flavor chai tea gives you! I've been asking myself questions like: Do you need or even want Animal eared characters? Is there a significant place for them or is it going to be all humans? Not that I'm against nekos or kitsunes, I I find them adorable! But do I want to be taken seriously or not? Will including nekos make me look silly? What are the buildings like? How many areas (towns, etc.) are there going to be? How do humans wield magic? That last question is pretty easy to answer, because I am sort of basing my world, world of Wisteria off of Rieza Maxia (tales of Xillia)

Slowly shaping my first ever Fantasy world:

In Rieza Maxia,  people can perform magical moves through mana lobes! They level up and unlock new magical abilities by strengthening their mana lobes! Humans like Elena, Prince Caidan and Princess Rosa and other people in Wisteria will have Element Lobes (Lunar lobes? Need to find a cooler name) which are like the lobes in tales of xillia! I have thought of a few places such as:

Crystal Rose Kingdom:

Its winters are long, but it has all four seasons. Crystal roses spring up during the winter and cold days even rainy ones. Their sparkling petals is the reason behind the kingdom's name! It trades with the other kingdom and has a reputation for having more resources like crystals, its magical/ fantasy animals that roam the rural outskirts of the kingdom, other precious items.

Eltaria Kingdom:

I got the name Eltaria from a fantasy romance novel I recently read, so I don't have the pleasure in claiming I came up with the name first! Eltaria is similar to its neighboring kingdom, Crystal Rose as far as the happy citizens and the seasons. The only differences as of now: Eltaria has longer spring seasons than the Crystal Rose. It has different resources like various items, flowers, etc. And it is bigger in structure than the other kingdom.

War has divided both kingdoms for centuries and as long as anyone could remember. A solution that pleases both powerful kingdoms, has yet to be made.

The fighting and war had ceased in the past 100 years as both kingdoms had called a momentary era of peace for all. Both sides are tired and need to find a solution before Wisteria falls under greater chaos.

Starlight Town:

A beautiful town where it snows all year round The small glowing snowflakes have a glittering light and are shaped like the stars within the heavens. The snowy rural area outside is immense and has magical monsters. Travelers should be careful when treading across the frozen land. The huge town is filled with smiles despite the harsh conditions. Frosted coated (some are frosted coated) flowers grow wildly everywhere in this cold environment and their scents are just as strong as any flower in the spring.

Four great spirits of Rieza Maxia:

As all who have played the game know, there are four spirit guardians protecting the main character, naturally this has happened a lot in some form of play, book, or movie.

Wind, water, earth, fire Great Spirits!

I'm adapting to that idea and changing it to five great spirits who protect Lady Elena, but won't show up till later. The Goddess's Five serve mainly the one who created them which is obvious on who that is.

This is still a very slow work in progress but so far I think I have some cool ideas and I like them.
Droplets of water sparkled as the girl raised her sword against the enemy.

Blood stained the pure white snow all around her, splattering all over her dress and beautiful face. Spinning around she parried off their attacks with a vengeance.

Blood floated through the air slowly passing by her face while she dodged another attack.

Jumping high in the air she did a twirling flip sending shards of crystal at the army.

Her eyes, crimson like the blood painting the dead in her wake, sparkled with an inner fire that burned her very soul. "I won't let you take this kingdom! Damned scum!" She yelled activating a magical attack. All around the army, the shimmering crystals expanded sending shards of ice racing to impale the enemies at alarming speeds!

Sparkling dust glittered from the grey sky, the girl let out a sigh while the remaining crystals floated near her as though trapped within time itself. Making a few necessary hand signs, with her free hand, she cancelled the magical spell. The crystals broke apart one by one. "It can't be helped." She raised the jewel ornamented sword, it's silver blade cast a glowing light upon her face while she held it at an angle mere inches from her nose.

"No one is going to live." A tongue licked the blood off her pink lips. She glared at the rest of the army charging them head on and not caring if more blood splashed her dress. Twirling and dodging, her body began to sparkle, the sparkles behind her became a ghostly image of herself. The 'twin' slashed the enemy helping her out thus making the army see double!

The snowflakes continued to fall as the last man standing fell to his knees then got his head chopped off in a blink of an eye. The 'double' disappeared while the real girl darted up the slippery stone steps.

A black shadowy warrior zipped through the corridor like a ghost, but was quickly silenced by the girl's blade. The place was crawling with the unholy shadowy knights.
Running down a maze of hallways she killed more of the soulless heathens.

"Shinku!" Shinku's red eyes blinked seeing her friend down the next corridor.

"Amaya." Amaya smiled seeing that Shinku was alright.

Amaya was younger than Shinku by two years, but was just as beautiful.

"Where are the others?" Shinku asked looking around the empty area.

"They are guarding Lady Cosmos and the princess, come on. We don't have much time!"

Shinku nodded then followed Amaya down a secret passage way leading to a back part of the Queen's chambers.  Cosmos cradled her infant daughter in her arms and looked up when a servant girl called her name. "Amaya? Shinku?"

Shinku did a quick bow, "My Lady we must hurry and get away."

Cosmos shook her head,crystal blue eyes filled with worry. "Not without my husband. Setsuna went to get his sister. I fear for his safety, the enemy could be lurking in the shadows still. . .Please assist him."

"Yes, my Lady." Shinku turned to leave, her long white blond hair flowing passed her waist line and almost to her knees fell over her shoulders like an elegant waterfall.

"Shinku!" A thunderous voice made her stop. "Come back alive and bring our King back to us." Shinku smiled at the old man she looked up to, he was their tough captain.

"Uh, Shinku. . .Be careful." She heard Amaya say and imagined the girl blushing with hands clasped in prayer.  

"I promise." Shinku departed, a white cape attached to her right sleeve fluttered majestically behind her. Sometimes when the light touched her soft strands, her hair appeared to have hints of pink, the color of spring flowers.

Cosmos smiled smoothing a curly dark brown lock of hair and stared back into her daughter's beautiful sapphire blue eyes that shined like the stars at night.

She had her father's beautiful dark brown hair, and yet her eyes were prettier shade of blue than what her parents had.

The baby girl laughed to her mother's joy, her pink chubby cheeks added to how adorably cute she was. "Don't worry, my flower. . . .We will see daddy soon." Cosmos planted a kiss on her forehead lovingly. "My precious, Elena."

The Goddess blessed her child with a beautiful name that shined brighter than the stars.


"Mizuki, what is the meaning of this?"

King Setsuna's crystal blue eyes hardened at his older sister's back.

Mizuki stood on the balcony of her royal room the wind playing with long black strands of her wavy silky hair. It was black as the night sky and went well with her glowing pale skin. A sparkly white dress hugged her curves, yet the bodice was snug and revealed a bit too much of her breasts. She was a very beautiful woman with lips shiny and red as the deepest rose and a body that made both men and women crave her.

Even the most beautiful of women had thorns, his sister was no exception.

As beautiful as she was, Mizuki's sadistic nature made her very ugly on the inside.

"You know very well dearest brother."

"Enlighten me." Setsuna growled unsheathing his sword.

Mizuki chuckled, "Our kingdom is weak, filled with rotten warriors." Her golden eyes sparkled against the beauty of the falling snowflakes. "Don't you think?"

Setsuna stealthily moved across the room, "What are you going on about?"

Mizuki smirked just as branches of ice filled the room stopping Setsuna's surprise attack. Strands of black hair brushed gently against her heart-shaped face.

Setsuna's grunts of pain made the enchanting witch warm inside with happiness.

"Starting today. . .This kingdom belongs to me and no one will dare rise against me!"
Mizuki's golden eyes watched the snowflakes fall one by one.

Setsuna had managed to stop most of her attacks with a glowing a barrier surrounding him.

"No one you say?" Setsuna stumbled to his feet to Mizuki's surprise.

The King coughed blood as he hardened his gaze on her. "You forget my daughter is heir to this throne. It never belonged to you."

Mizuki laughed, "Oh, Setsuna. I haven't forgotten. She will die like the rest."

Angrily the King unleashed a string of magical attacks which were quickly blocked by Mizuki's stronger ones. The witch and the King faced each other in a deadly dance of life and death.
The Crystal Rose War
Prologue: Complete

Song that goes with this:

Kalafina rules!!!…

I'm sure everyone else has done this, so my turn. XD. Here's my tribute and input on my view of Naruto.
To the Narusaku fans, SasuSaku haters, Naruto haters and some who believe Naruto had 'lied to himself', to the Hinata haters, to the Sakura haters, and to all other Naruto fans who are hurting and or are happy. To the Naruto fans who are also saddened to see Naruto leave us then evolve into the next generation:

Of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura:

Please stop being salty as hard as it is! Kishimoto went with the ships he wanted all along and he supported them throughout the manga. Filler (NS proof) in shippuden was never his intention, thus why he focused mainly on his manga. Don't blame him for confusing your fandom, blame studio parrot or whomever was responsible for the anime! He never wanted to ruin any development he did with his characters. Sakura was no exception and Naruto came out just fine. In the Last movie interview, Kishimoto showed his love for his character, Sakura! He did not want to twist her character by making her suddenly fall for Naruto or realize her feelings that were never present for him. Her feelings she had for sasuke, was what developed her character from the very start. Sakura grew stronger because of Sasuke. The belief that there was still good in him was what kept driving her to push forward and keep believing in the good that was still deep inside of him. Kishimoto wasn't going to let any of his fans dictate his course of action, why would he allow any of his fans do so, when he already Knew who was going to end up with whom since the very beginning of the manga? Yes, he did consider Narusaku at one point in time, but the other Pairings made the most logical sense and so he went with the intended pairings he chose. SasuSaku does make sense, since sasuke became Sakura's development. She went from a girl who had a huge crush like all the other fan girls, then this small crush blossomed into genuine love for the boy she knew who was still there underneath all this madness and thirst for revenge! Even though Kishimoto was not great at writing romance, he still admitted it in some of his interviews. So it shouldn't be that much of a shock as to why the romance element of the manga turned out badly. Despite being really bad at writing romance, he still made it quite clear of the pairings he always wanted to show within his beautiful story of a boy who grew up with no parents and who was hated by everyone in the village, who wanted respect and to learn what it was like to be loved. Naruto, a boy who grew up as scum of the village, finally befriended  another who sort of felt his pain of loneliness and together they learned about love and creating bonds. They learned how bonds we form with people are precious. Sasuke lost his whole family and watched his big brother kill them all in cold blood! He had a reason for pushing everyone away and wanting only vengeance! Sasuke forgot how much he loved both Sakura and Naruto and wanted nothing more to break the bonds he shared with them, and how hurt he felt inside at believing he did not deserve their love for the things he'd done and what a monster he believed he'd become. Still Sakura and Naruto never gave up on him while knowing how corrupted sasuke became, how badly twisted others like when obito brainwashed him fueling his anger at the world. Sasuke does have a heart and he did care for Sakura and Naruto, which was why he couldn't fully break his bonds with them. No matter how further Sasuke walked down his dark path, he still cared. Sasuke even mourned Itachi's death and was saddened, by the truth of it all. His brother's death changed his revenge path slightly, now wanting revenge on those who wronged his clan and his brother! Both Naruto and Sakura rescued him in the end and forgave him despite everything he put them through. Despite turning his back on them, nearly killing them, nearly killing Sakura after she tried to kill him, pushing them away, they were never going to give up on their friend. It says a lot about their unbreakable bond of friendship. Forgiving the people who caused you and others so much pain has a greater impact than wanting revenge. That's a lesson I took from the manga Naruto. That and how much bonds are important. Kishimoto is not the worst author out there, sure he made mistakes by trying to develop romance, at least he tried! It wasn't great but he wanted to try to expand his story and make it greater for readers to enjoy, right? The ending was too rushed and should have been explained more, but it was still okay! He made other mistakes as well, still he carried on keeping in mind to keep the manga going as epic as possible. Now that he is done with the manga, he can focus on the romantic aspect with the Last movie! Thankfully he has hired professional romantic writers so they can shape and make sense of continuing how SasuSaku and Naruhina fell in love then created the next generation.

I am officially feeling uninspired. My inner battle with depression is losing therefore I am very sad at the moment.


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