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The Major from Hellsing Ultimte is unique, he loves war, but doesn't get his crisp white gloves messy.

Rain. It endlessly poured from a veil of dark clouds drenching everything in its path.  Its sweet harmonizing song buzzed through the cold wind among the trees adding music to this magical place. A young woman grabbed an overflowing bucket and doused herself in fresh water coming back to something she kept away inside her heart. The icy chill stung the gashes on her chest and upon her bleeding scar across a left cheek. "You should take better care of yourself." Caiden's melodic voice floated to Elena's ears. She giggled nervously underneath his glare. "What, this? It's nothing but a few scratches. . . . Those monsters never had a chance!" She paused closing her eyes and gave him a cheerful smile. She could feel his intense glare bore into her.  "Really, I'm fine." Elena assured then added, "My team was with me." Caiden shook his head, raindrops dripping from  the edges of his soft blond hair, "Those cuts say otherwise. How can I have a bodyguard, when she recklessly dives into battle?"  His voice was always gentle like the flowers even when laced with iron hot anger. Elena bowed her head like a scolded child. She looked back into those surreal violet eyes finding warmth after she felt something soft press against her cheek. Caiden gently wiped the blood away as his handsome face leaned in closer. "I don't want to lose you." Elena's eyes widened as she blushed and took him into her arms to whisper in his ear: "You won't." Water droplets dripped from the woman's face still holding the bucket over her head. With trembling fingers, she set the bucket down then witnessed lightning flash across the sky. Shiny droplets of water rolled down long strands of silky hair as she stared listlessly into the storm. Something heavy like a kitten pounced onto her shoulder and nuzzled her cheek that had long ago been healed. A fingerless gloved hand, which was  made out of silky material, petted the mass of white fur, "I'm fine." Akari closed her eyes and smiled at one of her pet spirit kitsune foxes. They had the personality of a couple of adorable kittens. Tsubasa closed her pink eyes smiling back, "Nyu!" The edges of tsubasa's four fluffy tails looked like someone had dipped them into pink paint. A pretty pink flower symbol had been etched across her forehead. Her twin sister Oka, whose four tails and symbol were painted in purple, must have been sleeping somewhere else. Tsubasa mewed  again happy that Akari was okay after all. Another roll of thunder made them look back at the raging storm. "Time to get her up I suppose." Akari's bare feet carried her across the wooden balcony leaving the bucket to fill itself up with rain water. "Nyu!" Tsubasa left magical sparkles as she phased through another room with ease. Akari giggled then found her black knee high heeled boots. Within minutes she was at the little princess's door. "Asuka, It's time to get up." Akari waited before knocking another time. "Come on you don't want to be late again. Your mother is most likely at the temple by now." An unsettling feeling was starting to gnaw at the warrior princess's stomach. Giving into her anxiety, Akari flung the door open to find an empty bedroom. There was no sign of a struggle and so that meant. "Not again." Akari cursed under her breath then ran out of the room. The little gnave, I mean Princess, had escaped her room again. With a sigh, she left the girl's father a note. Being a hired bodyguard had its terrible days. The pissed off, ex-soldier raced into the wee hours of another rainy morning.
The Summoner's Daughter
Pampered and protected all of her young life, Lady Asuka begins the journey of following in her mother's footsteps. Priestess Yuna is eager to teach her daughter the ways of becoming a powerful Summoner and gives her a lovely gift with motherly pride. The years had made her wiser and she has enhanced her magical abilities, since setting out onto her pilgrimage so long ago and hopes that her daughter will be blessed with good fortune when the time came to defeat Sin once again. Lay Asuka struggles with her duties as a "Summoner in training" and the freedom she longs for outside the temple's walls.

Because of the signature swirls within each ocean blue eye marking her as a full-blooded Albhed, Hanami goes through each day with a smile and a determination to give her cousin a taste of freedom away from the Holy temple. One day a girl with strange and vibrant pink eyes fell from the sky through a portal then befriends the Albhed girl. Hanami is willing to help her remember what had happened on that dark and stormy night in a place called, Rieza Maxia.

Akari, a beautiful ex-soldier with a mysterious past, places barriers made of ice around her heart and refuses to fully let anyone in. She works for Lady Yuna's family after Yuna showed her kindness and welcomed her into their surreal home. The ex-soldier has wondered all this time if she should go or stay in Spira and wavers between these two options.
                Soft fur slowly rising, my fluffy baby takes in breaths.

                     Black and white, supple and silky,

                                O’Malley, the Panda.

             Climbing atop me, golden eyes alight, delicate paws encircling in hugs

                    Cold nose against my cheek, squishing, nuzzling.

                     Neck moving side to side, faint cracking sound.

                              Purring serenely, eyes closed,

                                O’Malley the Affectionate.

                     Midst shafts of sunlight through window blinds,

                      Silently, on empty couch, Cat stares, meditates.

                                 What are you thinking?

                              Golden eyes obscuring secrets.

                                     O’Malley the Divine.

                                  Meows—unceasing, increasing

                                   Inside tub, wanting water

                                      O’Malley, the House Cat.

                                                                    -Ashley, 2013
O'Malley the Divine
This is an old poem dedicated to my first cat. He died before I had the chance to read this poem to him. After I finally figured out what to write about for my poetry assignment in a creative writing class. . . My cat, my baby was diagnosed with cancer. The next day was when everyone would present their poems, and I couldn't do it, so my teacher, in an understanding way, did it for me. Funny how we don't think about the ones we lose. . .till something brings us back to them later on in life. . . .Brings back the pain and sorrow. . . . I still miss him, even though I have new baby kitties.  I found a picture that sort of looks like him. Reading this again after so long, brought tears to my eyes.
It is difficult especially from scratch! You have to have immense brainstorming power and your best friend by your side: caramel mocha or that spicy cinnamon flavor chai tea gives you! I've been asking myself questions like: Do you need or even want Animal eared characters? Is there a significant place for them or is it going to be all humans? Not that I'm against nekos or kitsunes, I find them adorable! But do I want to be taken seriously or not? Will including nekos make me look silly? What are the buildings like? How many areas (towns, etc.) are there going to be? How do humans wield magic? That last question is pretty easy to answer, because I am sort of basing my world, world of Wisteria off of Rieza Maxia (tales of Xillia)

Slowly shaping my first ever Fantasy world:

In Rieza Maxia,  people can perform magical moves through mana lobes! They level up and unlock new magical abilities by strengthening their mana lobes! Humans like Elena, Prince Caidan and Princess Rosa and other people in Wisteria will have Element Lobes (Lunar lobes? Need to find a cooler name) which are like the lobes in tales of xillia! I have thought of a few places such as:

Crystal Rose Kingdom:

Its winters are long, but it has all four seasons. Crystal roses spring up during the winter and cold days even rainy ones. Their sparkling petals is the reason behind the kingdom's name! It trades with the other kingdom and has a reputation for having more resources like crystals, its magical/ fantasy animals that roam the rural outskirts of the kingdom, other precious items.

Eltaria Kingdom:

I got the name Eltaria from a fantasy romance novel I recently read, so I don't have the pleasure in claiming I came up with the name first! Eltaria is similar to its neighboring kingdom, Crystal Rose as far as the happy citizens and the seasons. The only differences as of now: Eltaria has longer spring seasons than the Crystal Rose kingdom. It has different resources like various items, flowers, etc. And it is slightly bigger in structure than the other kingdom.

War has divided both kingdoms for centuries and as long as anyone could remember. A solution that pleases both powerful kingdoms, has yet to be made.

The fighting and war had ceased in the past 100 years as both kingdoms had called a momentary era of peace for all. Both sides are tired and need to find a solution before Wisteria falls under greater chaos.

Starlight Town:

A beautiful town where it snows all year round The small glowing snowflakes have a glittering light and are shaped like the stars within the heavens. The snowy rural area outside is immense and has magical monsters. Travelers should be careful when treading across the frozen land. The huge town is filled with smiles despite the harsh conditions. Frosted coated flowers grow wildly everywhere in this cold environment and their scents are just as strong as any flower in the spring.

Four great spirits of Rieza Maxia:

As all who have played the game know, there are four spirit guardians protecting the main character, naturally this has happened a lot in some form of play, book, or movie.

Wind, water, earth, fire Great Spirits!

I'm adapting to that idea and changing it to five great spirits who protect Lady Elena, but won't show up till later. The Goddess's Five serve mainly the one who created them which is obvious on who that is.

This is still a very slow work in progress but so far I think I have some cool ideas and I like them.


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