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It was not fun at all. I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled this morning. 

All four of them had to come out. The doctor stuck a needle in my mouth, and it hurt like hell. 

The pain made me cry a little, that's how much it hurt, then I waited for the numbing sensation to take over. 

And then I asked the doctor (through a text, because I couldn't speak very well) to put me a sleep. 

I had changed my mind. The sleeping state was like floating on a cloud, and I could hear the doctor's voices as they operated on me. The doctor told me, I took the numbing experience well, and it was natural to be nervous. 

I'm glad its over, but I still talk funny, my tongue is numb, and I still hurt a little. 

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The snow falling from a dark grey sky was too bright.

I blinked away the snowflakes from my eyes and glared at a group of smirking men.

I tried getting up, but couldn't for my hands and feet were bound in ropes.

"Looks like we found ourselves a new product to take in. Now get in line!"

He roughly pushed me into the small group of women all tied up after releasing my feet.

I whirled around trying to evade him, when his fist connected with my stomach.

The wind knocked out of me, as I landed in the pile of snow.

"Behave or else, we'll find ways to make you be silent."

I gritted my teeth seeing no options, "Damn bastards." I muttered under my breath.

My feet crunched the earth as I followed the four other girls in front of me.

A man held the end of the rope chain that bound us to him.

"Where are they taking us?" I whispered to the girl who had to be at least fourteen.

How dare they capture a girl so young?

The little girl shook her head refusing to speak.

I exhaled watching patches of white vapor float away from my chapped red lips.

Soon my body ached from head to toe, how long had we been walking an aimless path?

Thoughts mirrored the craziness of the wind, each one raced across my mind.

"Hault." One of the men draped in a dark grey kimono yelled, each one I noticed wore a bamboo hat. No doubt to conceal their identifies to curious eyes.

The women before me stopped single-filed shivering from the intense cold winds.

A man with a dragon tattoo running down his exposed arm slowly approached a figure near a small pond. His black boot kicked something and I narrowed my eyes.

It appeared to be a person, no a girl!

I indistinctly took a few steps forward when the man wearing a purple sash around his waist barked to get back in line. "Tch, some man you are." I rolled my eyes.

He angrily approached me grunting a little as he spat in my face wanting to know what I said. I held my head high staring into the wintery woods instead of his two onyx eyes.

"I mean here you are dragging poor tired women and we don't even get a break? What kind of captors are you?" A resound of gasps from the other women made me smile a little.

"Hehe, stop your complaining wench. You'll be used for sexual pleasures soon enough."

He lingered on my womanly curves and well endowed breasts.

I tightened one of my hands at his insult and could smell the sake on his bad breath.

`He's intoxicated. . .Maybe. . .` As much as I hated the idea, it was better than being led to a slaughter house. I gave him a kind smile feeling like an idiot!

"Oy! We got a new pretty face!" Damn. I sighed, if only I had a few more minutes.

My captor turned his head to admire the new fresh meat, tied her hands in her delirious state and threw her near me. I caught the girl in my arms, and raised my eyebrows.

There were pink streaks streams down long lustrous strands in the back of a brown waterfall. This hair was the most unusual I'd ever seen.

"Hngh." She lay weak against my arms as I sighed and sat her down.

"May we please have a break, aren't you tired as well?"

I feigned innocence and it seemed to do the trick.

The men relented setting up camp for the night.

"It seems we'll have to wait a while." I told the new girl who lay sleeping beside me.

On the seventh day, the gods must have answered my prayers.

It was night and the stars sparkled like diamonds, the air crisp and cold as usual.

The girl from before worried me, she would not open her eyes.

Earlier in the day I had to fend off one of our captors from raping her in her sleep.

She was very beautiful with her lovely curves, full lips that were the shade of Sakura blossoms, flushed cheeks and smooth skin that was as bright as my porcelain skin.

Her glossy brown and pink silken strands lay sprawled around her like a waterfall.

We both shared a weakness, something I never thought possible could be one.

Our well endowed breasts and beauty had gotten us into trouble.

These men were evil creatures harshly seeking out innocent virgins to fill in their desires. Well I wasn't going to be someone's plaything.

Flames from the fire cast a hazy glow upon the mute girl's angelic face.

I turned to face one of my captors who had places an arm around my bare shoulder.

"Why don't we have some fun?" A drunken man smiled touching my bare thigh.

I blushed, "B-But will we disturb anyone?" and made what I pictured to be a cute face.

He answered with a laugh, "I like my women shy."

I giggled and swallowed my pride, kissing his lips.

"Not here, let's go inside the tent." I nodded and obediently followed him after he cut my bonds free. I rubbed my wrists and took a quick glance back at the sleeping girl hoping she would be alright without me.

A single lantern dimly lit the tent's quarters.

My eyes adjusted to the darkness then I lightly froze feeling his cold hand trace along my chest once I was undressed. "Hm? What happened here?" He traced the long dark red scar that snaked down my back. "A man attacked me." I said, then blinked remembering that old flame of rage which now burned darkly inside my heart. That's right, I was attacked.

For no reason, a mysterious man tried to kill me then fled like a coward!

"When I find him. . ." My captor made me bend down on my hands and knees. "I will make him suffer a pain worse than death." Hands caressed my butt then moved to the nipples of my breasts. Long inky black bangs hid my chocolate brown eyes, when something glinted in the lamp's light from the corner of my eye. "Oh, you are so beautiful." I heard him groan from behind me. "No, there are prettier women out there than me." I lightly teased keeping my eye on the sword that was a few paces out of my reach.

"Eh, those whores in Kyoto are nothing compared to your beauty. I think you're a Goddess in disguise." I chuckled at his drunken response and slowly inched forward.

"Do you think I have charms like one?"

I winced when he held me firmly in place and gritted my teeth when he snaked his fingers through my hair. `Disgusting pig!` I shot the floor a glare feeling him trail kisses down my inner thighs. I swallowed bile down my throat and tried to stay focused on the task. "Y-Yes you do." He panted not noticing my long arm reaching for his sword that was unsheathed. I thanked the gods that luck was on my side.

Just a little closer. . .I yelped when he inserted a finger inside me.

I somehow moved away and bent his wrist far back until. . . "Ahhh." He screamed, when I managed to break his wrist, he stumbled back and met my glare with an enraged expression.

He cursed me to get on the floor when I backed away.

"You know what drives a Goddess to use her full power?" I asked with a cheeky smirk.

Too pissed to answer me, he charged like I wanted him too.

I grabbed the sword hurling it deep into his chest.

"Vengeance." I whispered into his ear as blood spurted from his mouth.

Blood droplets landed on the floor and splashed onto my legs.

In one swift move I removed the sword and flicked the blood off the silver blade spraying the walls crimson. There was something beautiful about the sight of blood pooling out of a body. I watched fascinated by the scene before me.

Something within my soul told me to love it and I did.

"Eyah!" I yelled releasing pent up rage stabbing the dying man repeatedly over and over again. His arms flailed like a fish out of water as the sword carved deeper into his flesh. An unholy laughter filled the air and it took me a few moments to realize it wasn't the gods or dead spirits laughing in pure joy. It was me!

Now standing in a pool of blood, I held the bloody hilt tightly feeling a strength I never knew I possessed before. "This must be the gods way of blessing me."
I murmured examining my blood soaked hand. Be it gods or my own will, something had snapped inside of me and allowed me to see a new light.

"We heard a sound! It came this way!"

Sounds of rushing feet crunching the snow made me alert.

Instead of getting a sick knotted feeling in my stomach at the realization at what I'd done, it felt natural and liberating.

"In here!" A second man shouted pulling back the tent's flap to see a naked woman covered in blood long ebony hair flying slowly against the back of her thighs.

He stared in shocked at the woman's bloody face his eyes landed on the corpse and he stepped back to puke out the fish and rice they had for dinner.

"What's happening?" Another man rushed upon the scene and whispered, "My Gods!"

"She's a demon!" The first man replied in fear.

I tilted my head to the side, a humorous smirk twisted my shiny red lips.

"How amusing. That I could be a demon of the night." I laughed at how funny this all was.

I stepped forward out of the tent's flap not caring that their eyes examined my naked form in the moon's light. "Come and let me feast on your souls." I was half joking, drunk with power I felt like I could do anything!

Even become something as evil like an ominous demon.

Letting out a battle cry the younger of the two, charged forward.

I stood my ground and squinted my eyes, it was true I had never held a blade before, to my knowledge anyway, but there was no turning back now.

I had to save the sleeping girl and the others!

His blade came surprisingly fast deflecting my attacks as well as trying to slice my stomach. I whirled around dodging another blow and swung my sword to the side cutting his hip. "Ack!" He fell to his knees, using my rage as fuel, I managed to slice his head off.

It made a sickening splat from somewhere in the darkness.

I grinned watching blood gush out of the headless body and watched it fall to its knees.

Then men stared at me while I casually made my way back to the tent to get dressed in my white kimono. "Did you see how fast she was?" I heard one of the men quietly say to his partner who nodded, "It was like lighting striking the sky!"

`Really? I was that impressive? Perhaps I had potential in wielding a sword, a practice I'm sure that was forbidden for women to do in this era and maybe the next.

"Then I shall dazzle you with more great moves." I smiled at their praise.

The wind caressed my long hair giving me a demonic like appearance to these men.

"She's just a damn woman, not a demon, idiot!"

The man barked then gulped looking straight into my darkened glare.

"Stop tucking your tails between your legs and face me like men!"

I growled low then was delighted to see them withdraw their swords.

This time it was two against one. I felt light on my feet dancing with them in a waltz of life and death. Parrying their blades against mine, the snowflakes drenching us from the heavens, and the clang of metal clashing against each other in perfect sync.

"You should know when to run from a demon like me!"

I gleefully decapitated an arm then sliced another man's ear off.

I stopped to take a short break, since these guys were too weak after all.

An innocent woman needed to catch her breath.

`If only they could be a bit of a challenge.` I sighed, then felt the sting of something sharp cutting my arm. Bright red blood dripped from a small opened wound.

I quickly learned that one should never let their guard down in battle, no matter if the opponent is weaker than you. Angrily I finished them off slicing my blade across their chests and stomachs. Both men crumpled to the ground.

More shouts rang through the air and were quickly coming in my direction.

"So you guys invited some friends to no doubt rape us? Perfect."

I flicked the blood from my sword tainting the pure white snow.

"I'll need all the practice I can get." I licked blood off my face.

I once again danced in the glow of the moon killing groups of men one by one.

Leaving a trail of blood I swung my blade back and forth slicing my opponents down a lined up men waiting to taste death. "D-Demon!" I silenced the cries of an old man and wondered if they were right. "Yes." I smirked blood dripping off my chin then beckoned the next group to test my developing skills.

A very large man entered the circle making me stand back.

I was happy he was going to be a challenge, and prayed I'd get out of this alive.

Our blades clanged for a while then I panted stumbling back.

"For an old man, you sure have fangs." I couldn't believe I was getting my butt kicked by an old man. How shameful, I furrowed my brows wondering what my next move should be.

"Woman who bears a blade and draws blood in the snow. What is your name?"

His long grey goatee blew in the icy wind and watched snowflakes brush lightly against my cheeks. "I have none." I responded coolly. "Does it matter?"

He nodded, steel black eyes meeting mine. "Of course it matters."

His gaze lingered on my blood soaked kimono, "Never have I met a woman with so much stamina in my lifetime. Or gazed upon eyes with so much hatred that it burns brightly like a wild fire inside the deepest pits of hell."  

I did not know how to respond to this so I stayed silent.

"A woman of your caliber should have a fitting name and needs a proper sword."

"What are you getting at?" I hissed lowly, tired of this old man's ramblings.

A mysterious smile crossed his features and to my shock he killed the man next to him in a quick move, slicing the man's neck. He watched the man's neck spurt blood with no remorse. He appeared beside me in a quick flash that I blinked in surprise.

"Let's finish our little chat after I help you take these pigs to the slaughter house."

I slowly smiled deciding to trust his intentions for now.

Together we moved like lightning across the snow until the sun peaked from the highest mountain tops. "Thank you." I bowed respectfully then watched him release the girls from their bounds. "Grandpa!" The little girl from before jumped into the old man's arms and cried. "There now you're safe." I stared at them, apparently that's why he came to this camp. "I'm sorry I misjudged you." I wiped snow flakes from the sleeping girl's face.

"Meh, don't worry about it. I have a mean stew that needs to get eaten quickly at home."

He winked at me making me close my eyes and smiled grateful for his hospitality.

"Grandpa, I want to see mommy!" The girl rubbed the tears from her eyes.

He smiled patting her head affectionately and took her hand in his.

"We will. I know a shortcut near the mountains. It's not that far now."

A strange feeling lurched within my chest watching the two smile at each other.

I dismissed it and scooped up the sleeping girl and carried her on my injured back.

"Are you sure, you don't need help?"

I nodded, "I'll be fine." I said trying to appear nonchalant when the long scar on my back felt like a thousand needles piercing my back.

He watched me for a little bit then began walking down the snowy path leading our small group back to the small town. Hours went by and we could finally see the small rooftops of a village and smell the roaring fires of cooked fish.

"Mommy!" The little girl cried running down a snowy slope.

"Careful, Suzume!" The old man called after her then chuckled turning to me.

"Kids." He smiled shaking his head.

"Yue." The girl I was carrying murmured in her sleeping state.

"How do you manage to sleep through all this?" I sighed at this stupid girl.

"Rest at my place, from there you will be treated as guests."

The old man cast a worried glance at the poor girl I burdened myself with the task of carrying her. Sure she was light as feather, but this big feather was starting to weigh me down too much!

"Why are you being nice to us?" I asked, suspicion lacing my icy words.

He shrugged, "Why not? Helping others comes in handy and its not everyday I see a beautiful woman wield a sword especially in these troubled times!"

I blushed and demanded, "Are you making fun of me!"

His laughter made me fume with white hot anger all over again.

"Not at all." He wiped a tear from his eye, "When I saw you attacking those dogs, I was pleasantly stunned. You show great potential as a swordswoman."

I followed him down the path and walked down the snowy slope into the village.

"The fire in your eyes, your lightning fast moves, how your thirst for blood seemed to fuel your senses, made me believe you really were a demon of the snow."

He went on lowering his voice as people passed us by.

"A female demon with rage fueling her every strike and immersed in snow. Yes I've got your title. . .You are the beautiful demon of the snow. . .Yuki Onna."

I smiled liking that title, it was deadly with an elegant ring to it.
Ruroni Kenshin: Legend of Yuki Onna Chapter 2
This story is told from Tomoe's POV, follow her journey into madness as she learns how to wield a blade and hunt down the man who tried to kill her. Along the way she'll learn that forgiveness can be the greatest release into happiness and something sweeter than vengeance.
Everything had happened so fast.

The girl thought that today was going to be another normal day.

She was very wrong and now the girl found herself flying through an empty abyss.

Darkness clouded her vision as she floated within the realm of glowing stein glass.

Colorful shards fell with her until she gently landed on one of the stein glass windows.

Dressed in a black miniskirt and a pretty yukata, the girl looked around.

`Is this a dream. . .Or?`

Her thoughts were interrupted when shadowy creatures popped from the surface of glass.

Letting out a cry, she tried outrunning the weird creatures, then quickly stopped when the edge came closer than expected.

"No!" She screamed holding up her arms as a shield.

In a flash, she summoned her magical staff in a whirlwind of cherry blossom petals.

"What?" Her purple eyes widened at the strange key like sword in her hand.

"This isn't my staff." She frowned, after noticing it had somehow defeated the nightmarish monsters. "What the heck is going on?"

She shouted, her voice carried over in an echo.

A chuckle alerted the girl's attention to a mysterious figure said from the shadows.

"Excellent. I knew I felt a gentle light nearby and your friend has it as well."

Her long pink hair swayed, as the girl fixed a glare into the distance, holding her weapon. "Who are you?"

The mysterious man she couldn't see smiled to himself.

"I am someone who has long passed. Seeing you hold that weapon gives me hope for the future. . . .Long ago, I was one of the chosen Masters of Light also known as the Lost Masters. A champion chosen to wield a blade much like yours, but less feminine."

"The point of all this weird dream is?" The girl was obviously not buying his story.

"That is what your journey will help you figure out. Sometimes dreams can be reality. It is up for you to decide to what sort of dream you want in the end."

"Okay you're losing me, where's the exit?"

The girl turned around looking in all directions finding none.

His voice returned moments later in a hushed soothing tone.

"Miya, please listen to me. It is critical that you pay attention."

Miya turned around shocked, "How do you know me?" she demanded ready to kick this guy's butt if need be. Wherever he was. The man's disembodied voice continued and seemed to come from all around the cold realm. It sounded urgent like his very life depended on telling her what needed to be told, but at the same time it never lost its gentleness.

"Wield the blade. . .Banish the darkness. . . .I know you will succeed me where I and many others have failed." His blue eyes locked with Miya's, and she somehow got this familiar sense from him. "Be the light for our future and the future for all worlds. The path has been set, and your destiny is waiting. . . .I know the journey will be hard, but I know you can do it, your pure light can save us all. . .Because you are my great granddaughter." Miya opened her mouth to speak and couldn't.

The mysterious man's voice finished, just as a flock of doves flew by. Their gleaming white feathers blinded the girl making her stumble back.

Miya gasped feeling the stein glass window crumble beneath her and she fell.

"Through the witch is where your journey starts, my dear."

His voice echoed through her mind like a comforting breeze.

Her eyes grew heavy and soon fell into a deep sleep.
A little girl ran down the corridor of the beautiful chateau her family lived in.

The silk lavender fabric of her skirts sparkled from the warm glow of candles adorning the hallways.

She finally found the room she wanted to be in the most.

Cold wind gently caressed the girl’s face from the opened window in his study.

“Papa!” She squealed in delight, burying her face into his expensive black suit.

The blue rose attached to his breast pocket seemed to have an unnatural glow.

It belonged to her mother, but she gave it to father when he went away for a long time on business. She could smell the intoxicating scent of roses, vanilla, and cinnamon on him.
No doubt back from overseeing the preparations in the kitchen.

Her father was a well-respected Noble among society and had many friends as well as enemies. In the dark depths of his mansion, he ruled the underworld of Estelle slaughtering anyone who threatened the crown, and all who dare set their sights on his family.

Innocent and pure, his daughter didn’t know her papa’s hands were stained with blood.

Tonight was a special night for the prestigious Crimson family for they were hosting a masked ball. The ballroom was already lit up with a dozen chandeliers and many candles that lined the walls. Violinists and the rest of the orchestra were at their posts ready to enchant the guests with exquisite melodies.

Lord Eugene Crimson smiled down at his only daughter.

His black gloved fingers caressed her silky locks.

The sapphire red ring glowed brightly on his thumb.  

It was the symbol to the Crimson family’s name and held many dark secrets.

Each tale was whispered by a selected few from one generation to the next.

His darling daughter giggled eyes gleaming with happiness; her father was so amazing!

The rubies on his black mask gave him a mysterious look.

“Mummy is almost ready for the ball! She’s so pretty in her new dress!”

A low chuckle rumbled from his throat.
“That she is my chère, but you are just as beautiful.”

His eyes were the color of amethyst gemstones that shined brighter than any sapphire.

Her own amethyst eyes stared back into his handsome face as soft dark blue bangs from his short hairstyle, fell covering his left eye. He was very handsome and her mother was an ethereal deity sent from heaven or so her father told her, and she was the princess of this castle.

Lady Odette descended the marble staircase and soon appeared in front of her husband’s study. "Vous êtes là, mon petit pétale de rose!"

A woman dressed in a cream colored ball gown wearing a white mask with small diamonds scooped up the little girl in her arms and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Shall we?” Eugene held his arm out to his wife and she accepted it with grace.

The sparkling flowers on Odette’s long skirts trailed the floor while the little girl gently touched one of her soft red curls that were bound in a loose bun.

"Ce soir va être fantastique ma belle chérie! Alors demain, nous allons jeter un voyage dans la ville. "

Her mother gushed with pride and happiness for her beloved family.

The little girl felt such excitement then something caught her eye within the shadows.
Within the shadows, something sharp glinted in a person’s gloved hand.
That person would cause a living hell within the walls of the Crimson mansion.

The sound of someone entering her room, awoke the twenty year old woman from her reverie.

Long shiny red hair lay sprawled out on the velvety soft sheets of a queen size bed.

“Good morning Lady Crimson. Ready to greet another day?”
Her head maid smiled opening the blasted curtains that rudely welcomed the sunlight into the room.

“Wake me up in another hour.” Her mistress, dressed in a long white nightgown, grumbled pulling the dark blue sheets over her head and snuggled into her pillows underneath.

“Now, now my lady it’s time to rise and shine you have many meetings to go to today.”

The other woman chided dressed in maid attire.
With a swift pull, the sheets flew off with quick haste.

“Screw the day. It can go to hell!”

Her lady whined slowly opening an amethyst colored eye and glared about the room through long bangs. Feeling defeated, Lady Vanille sat up and allowed her maid to wheel the breakfast cart inside.

“Where is today’s paper?” Vanille stifled a yawn as more sunlight flooded the room.

“Right here.”

Cassandra handed the requested item to her as she flipped through its contents.
Vanille’s long curly hair shone brightly in the sunlight and people from all over always admired its rich silkiness.

“Her crimson hair is red as the brightest rose and her personality is sharp like the thorns. The darkness wraps itself tightly and the beautiful rose slaughters anyone in her path no matter who the person might be. No wonder the Estelle royal family favors her.”

They would say, but she knew these business men were only throwing her compliments just to get on her good side. It was all a game and she knew how to play it very well.

She nibbled at her eggs, poached salmon, and toast while Cassandra droned on about what today’s events held.

“Oh, Lord Ashe requested to see you today. He wishes to take a stroll through the gardens.” Cassandra beamed happily at the very thought of her lady and the handsome man finally going out on a date. She clearly saw they were simply perfect for each other.

Two people with differing personalities connecting with each other was simply too beautiful for words to describe . . .

His charming personality could one day melt her heart.

Judging by the ticked off look on her mistress’s face, she wasn’t too pleased with his forwardness.

“Please my lady, it’s rude to keep turning down invitations. He means well.”

“I know that. . . .What the hell is this flavor?”

Vanille swatted the teacup away from Cassandra’s hand.
The porcelain cup shattered to the floor.

Cassandra sighed keeping her own temper in check and picked up the pieces.
She then took a minute to compose herself, and hid her frown by bowing her head low.

The woman ran a hand through her parted wide-swept bangs then a smile graced her shiny pink lips once again.

“Earl Grey with a hint of honey . . . That’s the newest tea every noble lady in the land prefers.”

`I worked hard preparing that tea, you little- `

The maid growled on the inside, her mistress was very bitter at times and ungrateful.
“See to it that you get me better tasting tea than that poison at once!”
Vanille’s eyes sparked with flames as she watched Cassandra leave the room preparing to do just that.

“Erm, Lady Vanille do you wish for me to dress you?” Sara, the youngest of the maids asked peeking out from behind the hiding spot near the doorway. Vanille sighed, “How many times must we go over this Sara? I can dress myself and choose to do so. Now get out!”

An ominous glare left the girl with the blue laced choker in a state of fear.


Sara’s short pink hair flew behind her as the twelve year old girl ran down the hall.

The gold bells from her lavender flower bonnet jingled as she fled.

Her large brown eyes filled with tears, oh her mistress was so scary in the mornings!
The blue rose upon Vanille’s chest sparkled and filled her senses with its sweet flowery scent. She sat on her bed touching the soft blue petals and found comfort with them.

This rose once belonged to her mother and it was one of her most prized possessions.
Images of that night broke into shattered glass pieces and sliced at her heart a little deeper.

Her mother’s long red curls and warm smile was still fresh, her father’s kind yet withdrawn nature had left an imprint on her life.

She once again found herself in the grand ballroom surrounded by the display of sparkling swishing skirts and handsome masked partners spinning across the dance floor.

Her father taking her mother’s hand as they too descended into the throng of dancers.

Those memories that flashed through her dream happened ten years ago.

Remembering the past sometimes held her back from what needed to be done.
To move forward one must bury such trivial emotions.

There was no point on dwelling upon such a pitiful dream and the vision of what could have been. The lady sighed unbuttoning her nightgown then got dressed in black pants that had dark purple ribbons prettily arranged over her upper thighs and a long puffy sleeved black shirt with an elegant dark purple corset tightly clasped around her waist.

A string of pearls hung down the corset along with pink and blue ribbons decorated the beautiful corset. Pink frilly lace lined the edges of the corset from top to bottom. It looked a bit too girlish for Vanille's liking.

The woman attached the blossomed blue rose whose petals were as blue as sapphire and wore it over the blue bow laced against her dark purple corset which displayed far too much cleavage for her tastes, honestly did today's fashion have to be run by perverts?

`It could be worse.` Vanille thought trying to hide the oncoming blush from her maid.

She laced up her black heeled high top boots and applied her usual rosy pink lipstick and blush in the vanity. “You look nice as always.” Cassandra appeared in her reflection then got the silver shell brush and combed the mistress’s hair.

A pair of amethyst eyes stared back at Vanille.

He appeared in her mind again like a thief in the night. His long hair tied into a ponytail and well hidden in the shadows. That same black feathered mask hiding his sapphire blue eyes and that same leering smirk had haunted her for many years.

She would find him, the man who had. . .

“My lady it is the anniversary isn’t it?”

Vanille shook the thoughts from her mind and looked back at Cassandra’s solemn face.

She wordlessly slipped on her black silken gloves.

“Place the usual bouquet of flowers on their graves. I shall see them later.”
Vanille clenched her teeth together, no she stopped crying a long time ago.
She was no longer a weakling who dare showed anyone tears.

The last time she cried was years ago, then she forced herself to move forward and accept the responsibilities as the next heir to the Crimson fortune. It was what her father would have wanted. Swallowing the bitter tears, Vanille grabbed a black coat from her walk in closet.

Her long black coat also had ribbons tied into elegant bows around the elbows except these were snowy white with diamonds in the center. She walked deeper into her closet and selected two strips of bright pink cloth that had dark pink rose petals scattered across the soft fabric and intersected them around her waist.

Her maid scrunched up her nose, "My lady won't wear skirts, but strips of cloth are acceptable?" Vanille turned with a smile swishing the two draping cloths that softly brushed against her legs, "It's not a skirt technically speaking, and I certainly do have exquisite taste when the time calls for it."

Cassandra rolled her eyes, her mistress could be so troublesome.

Vanille walked to the door and held out her left hand.

Cassandra bowed her head and then placed the family’s sapphire ring on her lady’s middle finger. The red sapphire glowed brightly against the sun’s light, but the anger within her heart burned much brighter.

“Let us depart. . .”

Lady Vanille, the sole heiress to the Crimson mansion, turned around long black coat flowing out like a whirlwind of black rose petals.

The sky had grown much darker once Vanille had reached her destination.

"The royal rose garden of all places." Vanille looked around for the lieutenant then handed her black coat to Cassandra, saying, "This shouldn't take too long go wait for me inside." Being obedient, her servant obeyed. Vanille sighed wondering what Jack wanted with her now. He was top notch when it came to delivering orders, but his greatest flaw was being painfully clumsy.

"Great." Vanille glared at the colorful scented roses as it began to rain.

An umbrella shielded her from the rain; "Sorry that I kept you waiting." that voice was the last one she wanted to hear. Her amethyst eyes turned a surprised look at none other than, Lord Ashe himself. Ashe smiled back, his hazel brown eyes lit up at the sight of her. The rain drenched them both and Vanille couldn't stop herself from staring at the raindrops that glistened against his black hair that went passed his shoulders, and those long bangs that nearly touched his eyelashes.

A raindrop dripped off his handsome face.

Vanille averted her eyes, "I didn't expect to see you so soon." and continued to pretend to admire the roses and the other various flowers. "W-What the hell is your idea of bringing me out here anyway?" She glowered at his shocked face then balled her hands into fists when he dare laugh at the Crimson heiress!

Ashe finally relaxed then elegantly bowed, "Please accept my deepest apologies, my lady. I had to bring you under false pretenses, because I saw no other way to get your attention." Vanille rolled her eyes, "Well then you have it now, so what was so important that you had to ruin my plans?" Vanille folded her arms across her chest.

Ashe tilted his head cutely and placed a thinking finger on his face.

"Stop staring at me!" Vanille nearly screeched in an unladylike fashion, she swore he had been staring at her for more than a few minutes and it drove her crazy.

He always found a way to drive her insane.

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself. . . .You look cuter today, not that you usually do, but I really like those strips of cloth around your waist."

Vanille blushed again and looked down at the said pink cloths that sparkled against the rain. "Thank you." Vanille huffed and turned away. "Cute? I am no such thing. Cute things are weak, and I will be damned if I'm ever considered as such!" Vanille threw a punch Ashe's way, who in turn nearly dodged it. He caught her next attack and stealthily moved behind her, locking the woman against him in a tight embrace.

Vanille froze feeling his hot breath against her ear.

"This is certainly going as planned." Cassandra smiled at the two of them from a distance. "Mm-hmm." Sara smiled too sitting near the section of hydrangeas.

"If they start peeling off their clothes, I want you to immediately leave."

Sara widened her eyes at Cassandra's dirty mind work at play, "What?" she screamed.

"I have a reason that I brought you here."

The woman against him growled in protest at being detained so easily.

"Let me guess, you're angry because I haven't accepted your art collection ideas? As I've told you before I have no desire to partake in your company's love of art. Your paintings give me headaches." Vanille tried wriggling free and failed.

A gloved hand picked up something shiny from the ground and a smile spread across their face. It was the item that they had desired these passed few weeks.

"That's not what I wanted to discuss, my dear Vanille-chan."

Vanille fumed stamping her foot onto his and broke free.

"Stop it with the nicknames! I don't care if we've become friends over the years! It's. . .It's unprofessional and makes my face do weird things!"

Vanille's face grew hot again still feeling the warmth of being in his embrace just moments ago. Why the hell did he make her feel this way? It wasn't right!

She was no fool, and her feelings were the same, but it was too dangerous for them to have that sort of relationship. Yes, this fiery woman had led a path of loneliness and bloodshed up to this point in time, and no one was going to change that.

"Vanille." Ashe's voice, so warm and gentle that it melted her heart, reached her through the wind and the scattering flower petals.

She looked at him and slowly came back to his side choked with a loss for words.

"While you love birds flirt, I'll just take this and be on my way."

Vanille and Ashe saw a man not much older than they, standing a few feet away.

Gold swirls curled across the back and along the arms of a dark purple coat that was draped over a white shirt and dark purple trousers. A light pink scarf was tied like a tie around his neck with a yellow butterfly stitched into the fabric.

A black hat covered most of the spiky purple locks of hair from the rain.

His startling bright chocolate brown eyes stared back at them with a hint of hazel around the irises which seemed to sparkle as he titled his head at them.

Ashe gasped at the object in his hand, "That's-"

"A beautiful red rose coated in shining crystal." The stranger finished holding it to his porcelain lips. "Give it back, it's for. . ." Ashe felt his face burn hotly as Vanille raised a confused eyebrow, then it made sense. Stepping forward she shouted, "Unhand that priceless item, it's for the Royal Art Collection run by the queen!"

Ashe felt like smacking himself as he lowered his head. She was dead wrong.

"Huh, this piece of cheap art is worth something after all. An amateur must have put a lot of work into it, eh?"

The person examined the delicately arranged red petals as Ashe angrily glared at him for the insult. "Who are you exactly?" He was about ready to do some serious damage.

Their moment was ruined because of this clown!

"Me?" The man made an innocent gesture at himself then smirked, "My name's Boris.
I have to take this little trinket off yer hands, because a patron already claimed it."

"Patron?" Vanille folded her arms across her chest wondering what this character was.

He had to be some sort of dealer, but judging by his clothes she'd say he had to come from middle class and lived in a decent house than the majority of Seraph.

"In other words you're stealing my gift!" Ashe got into his battle stance and summoned his blue dragon eye bracers in an array of magical sparkles.

Vanille outstretched her hand in front of Ashe, "Wait." She looked at him then back at the stranger. "What exactly do you do?" She inquired, "You're not exactly a Noble like us and unwittingly testing my patience. So I suggest you come out with it already."

The rain seemed to grow colder around him, or maybe it was the woman's cold smile that gave Boris the chills. "Ehehe, well I am just doing my job miss. For you see, I'm a simple mercenary. My job varies and that includes getting rare items and selling them to the highest bidder."

Vanille nodded, "I see. Name your price for that crystal rose. If it's important to Ashe then it's important to me." Ashe stared at Vanille and felt his heart skipped a beat.

Vanille's boldness was one among the many reasons why he fell for the quick tempered beauty. Boris chuckled, "Sorry, bids are closed and I can't give out patron information. I have my own business that to run you know."

" Hahaha! Well that's a shame!" Vanille cracked a false smile then her weapon appeared in her hands with fire blazing along the entire sword. "I really wanted negotiate a price, but you're being so stubborn. . . .Maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement?"

And there were some traits like Vanille's heavily sadistic nature that Ashe was too scared to find appealing. "Oh, Vanille." He said with a smile.

Boris felt sweat trickle down the side of his cheek with a closed eye smile.

"Erm, I think I'll pass." Boris inched away then proceeded to skip backwards heading towards the black gate. His dark brown boots stopped when a wave of fire raced across behind him in a circular motion. His eyes were wide with fear as he gulped.

"Maybe we can work something out." Boris smiled darkly, eyes hidden beneath purple bangs, "Or maybe my patience is starting to get tested too. I seriously don't have time for this." In electrical sparks a gun appeared in his hand then a sword in the other.

"On second thought I only need this." Boris casted the sword away making it vanish.

He placed the crystal rose in his coat pocket, and sent an onslaught of bullets at his enemies which exploded in a thunderous display. The bullets exploded like lightning striking the earth. "Vanille!" Ashe grabbed her waist and pulled her away from the shockwaves that erupted all around them.

Vanille slowly opened her eyes finding the little nuisance had escaped.

"I'm sorry." She said taking Ashe's hand and getting up to her feet.

Ashe's black vest and long sleeved white shirt blew in the wind.

He smiled, "That's okay, I'll make you another one."

"Don't bother. I can't accept your gifts." Vanille didn't turn to face him.

Ashe didn't hide the hurt look on his face and his lovely brown eyes glistened.

The woman's long crimson hair flew in the wind and gently brushed against her angelic face her vibrant amethyst eyes searched the many flowers dripping with watery diamonds in search of words that would further distance him from her.

Boris shoved his hands deep into his pockets walking across the slippery cobblestones while carriages and the townspeople passed him by the street.

The rain seemed to be letting up a little. The crafty gentleman slipped down a corridor and hid in the dark shadows of an alleyway that stunk of rainwater and someone's laundry.

"He went this way!" An officer shouted signaling his men to follow him down the street.

Boris took a chunk out of the bread he'd slipped off of one of the food vendors and must have gotten spotted, "Just my luck, these idiots don't know when to quite."

He sighed irritated with his carelessness and tossed the hat against a dumpster.

Now he was sure, they had the whole city on the lookout for him.

Seraph was huge and well it did hold the beautiful castle of Estelle after all.

He casually jumped roof from roof, a smart plan if he did say so himself.

"Please wait for me, my love. I know it's been too long, but my next delivery resides in Starlight Town. Within that city surrounded by the same ocean as this one, I know you are waiting for me. . .From there we will be reunited at last."

The pink scarf around his neck fluttered in the icy rain while he overlooked the many people down below.

The roses in the garden gave off their intoxicating scents mixing with the rain as Ashe stared at Vanille with sad eyes. Vanille bit her lip trying appear cold in front of him.

Her shiny pink lips finally formed the words in Japanese knowing Ashe struggled with that language than he did with French.

"I must distance myself from you. It is my choice to be your shield from the darkness that clings to my soul. My life has led me down a blood soaked path, and someone like you is better off avoiding my blood stained hands. I don't want you involved. I have far too many enemies in the shadows of this kingdom that would leap at the chance of taking someone that I care too deeply about. Ashe, my love for you won't allow us to have a future." Vanille finished as a raindrop glided down her porcelain skin like a tear.

"I don't care how dangerous or how long your personal mission lasts. Vanille, I'll stay by your side always! So don't you dare think I will leave you so easily. I knew there was a reason why you always pushed me away, but no matter what, I will always smile for the seemingly cold woman who stole my heart. I've seen your warm and cute side and that's what made me fall in the first place besides your strong will and determination."

Vanille widened her eyes feeling tears prick at her eyes.

She gritted her teeth as they flowed freely, "Idiot, how can you fall for a monster like me? I've taken many lives and broken many bonds."

Ashe's eyes softened slowly approaching her in the storm of flower petals and rain.

"You're not a monster-"

Vanille sliced through his words crawling back into the barrier that surrounded her heart. "I don't expect anyone to understand, you and I have different paths to walk.
I'm sorry I can't be with you. Please pursue someone else."

Ashe responded back, they had stopped talking in Japanese moments ago, not backing down. She needed him more than ever. "I won't give up on you, Vanille Crimson."

"It's a pointless battle." Vanille answered coldly masking her pain very well.

The beautiful warrior walked away head held high, as the red rose petals passed her in the wind and flew by Ashe. A fragile rose petal brushed softly against his face.

A small smile curved the corners of his mouth, "I'll just have to keep smiling and be your light that shines brightly within the depths of your heart."

The sun burst from the clouds creating a pretty sunrise.

It shone brightly in the pink skies while the lavender and yellow clouds sailed away.

Vanille walked away from the royal castle and strangely felt a smile on her face.

The woman's heart swelled with thoughts of Ashe.

Her sapphire ring served as a reminder that their love could never be.  

"Vanille!" Sara tackled the woman into a tight hug, "Did it go great?"

"Yes, did you have fun?" Cassandra appeared on the other side of their mistress.

"Why does it not surprise me, that you two were behind this little plan?"

Vanille pried Sara's claws off of her person.

The little girl pouted, then smiled when the woman's black gloved hand patted her head affectionately. The bells on Sara's bonnet, chimed joyously matching the girl's spirits.

"Yes I did."

Vanille answered, walking ahead of them through Seraph's crowded streets.

"Let's get food!" Sara cried, "Please feed me, Lady Vanille!"

"Didn't you eat half an hour ago?" Vanille sighed deeply annoyed.

"We hardly eat out, mistress. Why not tonight?" Cassandra clapped her hands happily thinking of all the hot spots of great restaurants they could choose from.

"If it will get you guys to stop your nonsense." Vanille nodded then blinked when Sara slipped her hand in her mistress's, hardly appropriate for a mistress and her servant, but Sara was too cute to not humor. Blushing Vanille held the little girl's hand walking hand-in-hand through the sunlight with Cassandra following close behind.

Sara's chocolate brown eyes shined looking up at the woman she adored and admired.

Vanille looked down at her and smiled back closing her purple eyes.

Dark brown boots clicked against the stoned path walking pass a couple of horse-drawn carriages. The back of Boris's jacket glowed brightly, a gun in his holster against his hip winked back at the sun, and the salty smell of the ocean put him in a positive mood.

Seagulls squawked in the sky leaving a trail of feathers to float to the ground.

"No matter the distance, I will always find my way back to you. Remember that promise I made before I took this job? Well I intend to keep my word. That's something I can't lie about." Boris murmured softly, the pink scarf fluttered in the wind; the gold butterfly sparkled in the sunshine as if she was right here with him.

Boris checked his silver compass, and smiled back at her cheerful smile.
1. The Crimson Rose
Tears from Tomorrow, or maybe a cooler title like, Tales of Euphoria?

Well either way, this is CHAPTER 1.

Please leave comments.

Lady Vanille's black shirt and corset inspiration:…

Lady Vanille Crimson's theme:…

Er if this were a kickass Anime, which I hope it will be turned into a manga someday.

IDK, does it have the mystery of charm as a potential one?

Anyways, Ending theme: (That starts playing near the end of the chapter, like during Ashe's and Vanille's moments and the way through the very end of the chapter.) XD.

Ending theme song:…

French translations:


Lady Odette descended the marble staircase and soon appeared in front of her husband’s study.

“There you are, my little rose petal!”

" Vous êtes là, mon petit pétale de rose !"


The sparkling flowers on Odette’s long skirts trailed the floor while the little girl gently touched one of her soft red curls that were bound in a loose bun.

“Tonight is going to be fantastic my lovely dear! Then tomorrow we'll take a trip into town.”

"Ce soir va être fantastique ma belle chérie! Alors demain, nous allons jeter un voyage dans la ville. "

A/N Notes:

This chapter turned too lovey dovey for my tastes, XD. Nah JK. It was fun making it, and I am glad I got the balls to try my hand at writing romance, I really hope it doesn't sound too corny. LOL. No seriously, I want it to make you feel for the characters and their struggles.

Especially in Vanille's and Ashe's situations.

The more I slowly built up Vanille's character in my head, and then Ashe's afterwards, the more I kept paralleling them back to CielxLizzy, except their roles are reversed, awesome plot twist/reference, neh? At least I think it is and hope you do too.

Ashe won't let up like Lizzy won't give up on Ciel, and they both support Ciel and Vanille by doing small things, like smiling, and being there for their love interests, and making their day bright and filled with happiness.

Maybe someday, there will be hope for them. I'm sure they will have their happy ending with both Ciel and Vanille.

Boris, was originally supposed to be part Neko, hence why I gave him a black hat.

And Vanille was going to call him out on being a "Homunculus", but that early adaptation was scratched out at the last minute.

I haven't really watched any anime in a long time, and that goes for FMA Brotherhood.

Homunculus and Alchemy are sort of part of my magical world, but the magic is based on Tales of Xillia. XD.

Speaking of tales of xillia, here's Vanille's voice:

"Her voice is the same as Milla Maxwell's, the woman with pink eyes in this video."…

I guess Ashe's voice will be a mystery till I find his voice on Youtube.

But Boris's voice is the same as "Ace" from Alice in Wonderland.

The guy with brown air and red eyes, coincidence? I think not!…

His compass, reminds me of FMA Brotherhood. LOL.

Crap it's midnight, but I will stay up a little longer.

Until next chapter, I hope things seem interesting so far.


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