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The voice of Miya: (Seiyuu-chan!) (Umm, the very first Anime, I have never seen so I have no idea what the title of that Anime is. Sorry people.) 

Kero: Mamoru Miyano (He's the one doing voice acting next to her. Very unfamiliar with the Japanese voice actors, I just listen to them through Anime streaming. XD) Hm, I don't want him to sound so old, so I think that first part before Miya's part which happens before the Anime Shana's part, might be his voice. XD. That or Tamaki from Ouran Host High school club. Can't decide. Help if you want to. 

Fuyuka's voice: Marie Miyake (Tamaki Kasuga from the anime Hiro no Kakeru) 

Wish I could find Japanese voice actors for two certain little kids. XD. Can't find anyone on Youtube. Well that is okay, since my stories are in English. Please review! . . . NOW! :chainsaw:
Does anyone know any great group that take requests? I'm sure I am part of them, but I can't find my own groups that I am in. I know I suck. . . . Need to find a great manga artist that can color and draw manga really well. Something like these:…………

Yeah I need to have an illustrator. Wish I could find one that is free of charge. Or maybe one of my friends can take a few requests? Please? . . . (hoping) . . . (plays the waiting game)

Feeling: Gloomy Snowy :stayawake: Yui (Hungry) [V1] 


Brainstorming about?:

Yuno vs. Miku with the song I have in mind for the second to the last chapter in my KH3 story.

CloudxAerith story when Aerith meets cloud, but his heart is set on his crush for little Tifa. Aerith cutely stalks him and watches him from afar, finally gets the courage to meet him, then they become friends, after Cloud hurts her feelings and at first coldly rejects her offer while the snowflakes surround them. Mini story after the events of Tears of the Light.

Tears of the Light: Kero and Miya's travels through that world they will end up in.

The prologue for the Crystal War story.

The daughter finally confronts the Goddess Cosmos who reveals that she is her real mother!

Naruto the Last Movie:

Kero and Miya are back in Konoha, they reunite with their friends, Naruto and Kero do a bro handshake and reminisce about the good old days. Miya encourages Hinata (replacing Sakura with Miya about that hands on arms scene) to confess her feelings for Naruto, and understands how she feels, for she is having the same problem with Kero. Sakura comes into the picture and helps Miya convince Hinata it's a good idea. Later the epic battle between good and evil. Naruto fights that weirdo, and Kero helps him out alongside Miya. Kero then fights Renox later on. But then Xemnas sets his sights on Hinata! Cho Kyuhyun Gasping 

Debating: (Cosmos's daughter's name) Fuyuka…

Fuyuka vs. Sakura. A typical overused (Sakura) name that's been done over 9,000 times or this new name, that may sound pretty? IDk as of yet for sure.

New brainstorming episode:

"Fuyuka" and some sad scenes from the Crystal War. How she lost people whom she held close to her heart, and will never see them again. Tomoyo Sakagami (Crying) [V3] Momo Kisaragi (Tears) [V7] Kudryavka Noumi Kud (Tears) [V8] 

"Fuyuka" battles between her deceased lover and Cloud Strife (set in Crisis Core) he looks like her lover so he has to be the same person, right? She finally goes out with him on one date, then later hears the story of his promise to his "childhood friend", he barely remembers, told by Tifa. This angers the warrior princess, not because she's jealous, but because Cloud apparently has to be this great hero before any girl could like him for who he is. She lashes out at Tifa somewhat comparing her to the princess that was engaged to her dead love in Wisteria, then runs away. Not taking it anymore and tired of being hunted down like an animal, Fuyuka takes a knife and tries to. . . Cloud stops her before she stabs herself, Fuyuka cries in his arms, and they have their sweet moment. Taiga Aisaka (Tears of Joy) [V1] 

Later (FF7) Fuyuka will slowly see that Cloud was never her lover, but sort of resembled him. She lets him go, and encourages him to be with someone he has a crush on. That someone is part of their party to save the world. Kudryavka Noumi (Tears of joy) [V8]

Back to the Crystal War:

A beautiful commander with a heart as cold as the freezing winter surrounding them, trains her troops and is on Cosmos's side. The enemy, (The Queen of Dreams and fantasies, the Nightmare Queen, also has another title. . . the Dream witch. How this woman (has no name as of yet) participated in the prologue by killing the narrator with her sharp sword, while he was in the middle of telling the audience (the readers) how the God Chaos and the Goddess Cosmos came to be, how the people of Wisteria came to love them, then the conflict happened. . .

After killing the old man, the mysterious woman joins the battle in defending the royal family from foreign invaders. The King's big sister, was the one responsible for trying to kill him and especially his baby with an army of her own some weren't human and had shadows attached to their skeletal bodies. A servant takes the baby and joins the other servants in fleeing the castle. Gruesome bodies litter the ground on both sides. The King is losing his castle. Chaos joins the battle, and fights the king one on one. Cosmos soon aids her husband, as the sister gets away, she plans to use her dark magic and consume the castle, thus gaining ultimate control. That nuisance of a woman I mentioned earlier, almost ruins the Nightmare Witch's plans, by battling her. The Nightmare witch (same person, but has a few titles, besides being called the Dream Witch) wins the fight, and plunges the kingdom into darkness. (No KH pun intended, hehe) With her husband killed at her feet, the ethereal Goddess flees with their baby girl and escapes into her own realm. She is quick to place transparent borders on her side of their shared realm, for she knows Chaos would try to kill her and her child, because he now knows the truth. Cosmos stays quietly in her realm protecting her only daughter from the conflict she and Chaos had created. 

The Dream witch proudly rules over the captured kingdom with an iron fist and dares anyone to defy her laws. A kingdom on the North side of Wisteria, did participate in that battle, since the kingdoms had a strong alliance, the alliance was broken, when the Nightmare witch took over and killed her brother. So a new alliance must be made.

7 years later:

Chaos has broken the main barriers, now her child isn't safe. Remembering one of the servants who protected her child many years ago, she escapes into the human world, when she senses Chaos is a sleep. A momentary break was all she needed, Cosmos sensed the servant lived in a peaceful  village known as Starlight Town. The big town was named for its magically snowball sized sparkly snowflakes which were shaped like the stars that glittered in the night sky. Cosmos pleads with the servant to take her daughter in, and eventually gets her wish, thus making her daughter believe her mother abandoned her.

I don't want to give too much detail away.
BorutoxSarada? I think I'm gonna like that couple! 

What do you think they will be like? I believe they will hate each other at first. 

Naruto manga short chapter review for Manga 699 and 700: 

Sasuke should have kissed Sakura, Sakura should have dragged his butt out of the village and went with him on his journey on enlightenment. XD. 

Narusaku fans, Naruhina fans, SasuSaku fans, Shikatemari fans, InoSai fans, what do you think of the ending to Naruto? Manga chapters 699 and 700? I don't know about you guys but I am pissed off on some things. My main issue is: Why the hell does Sarada Uchiha have to have glasses? She is an UCHIHA!  

(What are your thoughts about the Naruto the Last Movie! As well)

Short story time: 

A small short story about Boruto and his cute little sister:

"Boruto, how could you paint the Hokage faces?" Naruto scolded realizing how it was actually disrespectful than he used to think.

Boruto pouted as he got scolded by his dad for the first time, then spotted Himawari.

"Himawari? What happened to you?"

Naruto also looked in Boruto's direction to see blood smeared on her pink frilly dress. "Ahh! Himawari! What happened?" Naruto freaked out coming to her side in a heartbeat. "It's not mine." Himawari said casually. "What?" Naruto and Boruto cried in unison. "It belongs to those dumbasses." Himawari shrugged. "What did you just say?" Naruto asked not believing his ears. "They were stupid dumbasses." Himawari repeated innocently. "W-Where did you learn that language from young lady?" Naruto swore was starting to sound like Sakura. "From uncle Shikamaru and aunt Temari." Naruto was livid now, "Please don't beat your bullies and don't say bad words. It's not nice Himawari." Naruto sighed taking hers and Boruto's hands as they walked home. "This is bullshit!" Himawari declared as her father took her home, she was prepared to kick their butts tomorrow in school.

Kushina: That's my granddaughter! (sniffles) I am so proud! Kicking butt and taking down names!

Minato: Erm, why does she have to cuss?

Kushina: Cussing is a way of pawning them all! (laughs evilly as Minato sweat drops more)
There are different versions of her theme:

The last version is my favorite.

More of Akari's character will be revealed in the tragic story that shaped her future: The Crystal War. I shall focus on and bring some of her travel stories that happened after fleeing the world of Wisteria, to life. Such as:  How she meets new people as Akari tries to escape her past, the mother/Goddess that she resents, and an evil God that wants her dead. Knights from Wisteria wish to capture her: dead or alive. Preferably dead after the crime she committed against the Wisteria Kingdom. But it gets better, she actually makes a few friends (Cloud, Zack, Aerith, Tifa etc.) during her wanderings, then finally settles down in a world called Spira (Final Fantasy X/X-2/X-3)    and yet she can't escape her past no matter how hard she tries as the Goddess she left behind tries finding her only daughter even knowing she doesn't want anything to do with the Goddess that abandoned her when she was little.
Chapter 1: A Hollow in our Midst?

Sunlight flickered through the shafts of a beautiful Sakura tree. Cherry blossom petals rained down on one of the handsome high school students. He was enjoying an action packed manga when someone blocked his sunlight.

“Morning Kero-kun.” Ayako smiled brightly, her long hair was tied into two flowing pigtails that ended in a curly dolphin fin style at her knees. The sparkling stein glass pink flower pins that held the pigtails in place complimented her expensive school girl outfit. Her father was the principal of this prestigious school and doted on his precious little angel with various expensive gifts. She got everything she wanted, but the one thing she really wanted always seemed to be out of her reach.

The special gift she wanted was sitting now against a huge Sakura tree. It was the perfect romantic setup straight out of a romance novel!

“Morning.” Came a mumbled reply as the handsome boy went back to reading.

Ayako pouted, `Ignore me?’ She thought with an anger-vein then an idea popped into her head.

“You know our annual Spring festival is next week. . . .” She leaned down with hands clasped behind her back, exposing even more cleavage than before. “It would really mean a lot if you could watch the cherry blossoms with me after our dance.” Kero nodded, his mind a million miles away. “Yeah sure.”

Ayako gasped, “Really?” She bounced happily. “Oh Kero I knew you had feelings for me!”

A distant pink blob ran through the school gates leaving a chaotic whirlwind in her path, "Out of my way!", bodies of students landed in different places.

“Keroooooo!” The pink blur crashed into Ayako and grabbed Kero’s hand.

Ayako went flying into another Sakura tree, her face hitting the hard bark.

“Come on!” The girl panted taking the guy’s hand. Kero’s brown eyes widened as waves of lustrous pink hair brushed against his cheek. “Miya!” He looked back at his fallen manga.

Miya wasn’t having any of it today. “We have to go!. . . .Hurry." She tried yanking his arm when he wouldn't budge. She huffed, "There’s a massive Hollow alert and I think I know where it is!”
"Really?" Kero wasn't believing her, not this time.
"Yes! Now come!" Miya gave a huge yank which made Kero stumble forward, and soon she had him against his will. 'Why does she have to do this so early in the morning?' He glared at her from behind as she ran through a new crowd of students.

Miya's monstrous speed bulldozed anyone who got in her way. Kero yelled quick apologies to them as he ran with his crazy friend. The two teens stopped in the middle of a street. Miya looked around trying to find that signal again. “Are you sure there is a hollow or is this another plan to escape your boring math class?” Kero lazily smirked at her. Miya spun around on her heel pinning Kero with her dirtiest look yet. “No, this one is actually serious. His power level is surprisingly off the charts.” She paused looking down at the blinking light on her tracker. “Huh? This way!” She grabbed Kero’s hand and leaped into the air. Her school girl attire changed into a flowing princess-like low cut, black kimono. Kero also wore the signature Soul reaper uniform. This was another typical day for them. Miya’s pretty violet eyes caught a glimpse of a black blob.

“Oh no you don’t! I’ll cut you to ribbons!” Miya flew higher into the air giving chase.

“Eh? Drat, you two again.” The hollow sneered quickly darting away breaking a new hole in the sky.

“It knows us?” Kero was not sure they had ever seen it before.

“We’ll figure that out later.” Ice blossoms plummeted into the hollow, “Damn it!” Miya cursed, her ice flower attack didn’t work. Kero placed a hand on her arm. “Miya, please try not to be reckless. Do you want my mother to give you another lecture?”

Miya smiled back, “Me not being reckless is like losing my soul reaper powers. Your mom is going to have to get used to my recklessness one of these days.” She grinned mischievously.

Kero sighed, why did she have to be this way today? Together they chased the blob-like creature through the Soul Society, a place where Shinigamis did their training and reported back what Hollows they defeated. It hovered in another dimension and over the city where Kero and Miya lived. Orihime smiled at the two of them, “Out on another mission?” Kero looked back at her, “Yeah mom. We’ll try not to be late for dinner.” Orihime beamed, “Great, I’m making my famous stew tonight!” Miya and Kero cringed, last time they had her ‘special’ stew, which caused them stomach pains for a whole month!

“C-Can’t wait.” Miya gulped down the bile that threatened to swim up.

Orihime giggled and waved goodbye wearing a pretty white dress  that showed her bare shoulders.
Her usual snowflake clips in her hair sparkling in the sunlight, `Please be careful.` Orihime's blue eyes glimmered with concern. `Kero.' Her long orange hair swayed in the wind.

“You idiots! You let another Hollow escape?”

A fellow Shinigami yelled at them. Kero sweat-dropped, “Uh.”

Miya glared at this guy, he seemed to be a new recruit. “Hey it’s not our fault it somehow crashed in here!” Kero stepped in front of her before she did something she would regret later.

“We’ll take care of it alright? If you threaten Miya again.” He fixed the newbie with a death glare, “I’ll break every bone in that body of yours.”

Miya tried fighting off a blush. ‘ Kero is standing up for me! Oh no! If he sees me blush, he might think I’m weird. . . . And I really don't want my crush to be so obvious!’ She panicked taking a step back.

The guy backed off not wanting to mess with an upper Shinigami.

"Thanks Kero." Miya said quietly playing with her fingers.

"Of course, anything for a friend." His smile once again melted her heart.

Miya inwardly battled with her disappointment. Of course they were friends, they have been that way since childhood, but now that they were older. . . . Miya looked back at Kero trying to stop another blush from appearing on her beautiful face.

The building suddenly broke into pieces as something large crashed into it.

Black rubbery wisps danced in all directions as the pumpkin skull of the Shinigami gave them all a jagged pointy grin. The gust of wind moved strands of Miya’s hair as she stood there shocked and frozen in place. “Found you!” The sing song voice that rumbled from the shinigami’s throat, sent icy chills down the heiress's spine.

“Miya!” Kero shouted running towards her. The Hollow slammed one of its massive hands causing another explosion. Kero shielded himself but still raced through the smoke sword in hand. Miya’s screams fueled his rage and the urgency to see her safe.

“Kyaaaahhh!” Kero’s unleashed a waves of light from his sword cutting off the Hollow’s arm.

“AHHHHHH!” The Hollow recoiled and was quick to regenerate its arm and fly away. Kero caught Miya in his arms holding her tightly, then angrily looked back at the disappearing Hollow.

“Miya . . . Are you hurt?” This time Miya couldn’t keep her blush down, in attempt for him not to see it, she squirmed in his iron grasp as his beautiful eyes looked upon her with concern.

“He’s getting away.” She finally jumped and dusted herself off. “W-We should get moving.” Her long silky hair that had been kissed with the Sakura flowers when she was born, hid her reddened face. She stiffened when Kero touched her arm. “We aren’t leaving till I know for sure you are okay.” `Great, he’s going parent mode on me again.` She thought a bit irritated with him. Miya jerked his hand away, “I’m fine.” She flashed him a goofy grin, “Really.” Kero studied her for a bit then sighed. “You can’t sit still for one minute can’t you?” Miya giggled, “Let’s go.”

They once again took flight and soon had the hollow in their sights.

“Damn it guys leave me alone!” The Hollow sent small purplish blobs at them which the shingamis dodged with ease. The purplish blobs came soaring back exploding all around them.

“Kehehehehehehehe! Didn’t see that coming did ya?” The Hollow cackled then growled low when they wouldn’t let up. He broke several more portals through the sky. “Whoever he’s targeting, must be a special kind of soul.” Kero’s spiky shoulder length blonde hair flew in the wind.

“I hope we will get to them first.” There was a worried edge to Miya’s voice that Kero almost wanted to comfort. They had a mission to focus on. If they couldn’t get to whoever this Hollow was targeting, Kero feared that another more dangerous Hollow would be born when their soul disappeared into the endless belly of this monster.
Kingdom Hearts: Tears of the Light

Meet Kero, the son of Ichigo Kurosaki and his friend Miya: the two heroes start a journey together. They accidentally break a secret rule in the Soul Society. Miya slowly sees she's being hunted by a dark lord working to capture her heart's light. Destinies will be shaped, darkness will be born, but . . . can a princess change her fate? Nothing is inevitable, only hitsuzen.



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I love to write stories, stories are my passion! ^^

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