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It's so weird!!! Still waiting on Hinata's looks, I wonder why its taking Kishimoto to forever to release her looks! It could mean that she will be pregnant with Naruto's child (100% sure it will be a boy, I know how these hero movies end) maybe that's the twist Kishimoto is going for? 

(Luca) ((Akari))

The huge blue Blitzball stadium loomed over tall buildings at the center of the huge city.

It hung high in the clear sky like a gem shining in the sunlight.

Luca had become the biggest city in all of Spira.

It was quite popular for its hottest shopping districts and of course the Blitzball tournaments held every year.

"Okay." I said looking over the map, "Her shop should be around. . ."

I touched a few buttons leafing through a ton of different shops.

I quietly cursed when I couldn't find it.

Did Luca really have to have over two hundred shops within their city?

Asuka and Hanami sat at the top of a marble staircase watching passersby get swamped into their conversations.

"I'm surprised no one has recognized you yet, High Summoner." Hanami snickered.

Asuka was about to retort when a boy pointed in her direction. "Look, its Lady Asuka!"

"Lady Asuka?" Several people turned their heads around trying to spot her Ladyship.

The High Summoner in training's glare held Hanami's gaze.

Hanami innocently scratched the back of her head and stuck her tongue out.

"Oops, spoke too soon." She laughed nervously.

"There she is!" A girl pointed at the top of a staircase in front of a makeup store.

`Oh no!`

Asuka froze refusing to acknowledge the small group of people which was now growing a little bit bigger.

"Lady Asuka?" Another woman squinted her eyes to get a better look.

"Oh my Yevon. . . It is her!"

An old man was astonished that he was worthy to be even looked upon by the Lady herself.

He kowtowed to her as did a few other people.

A group of little girls were chatting excitedly in a small huddle.

"Hey Lady Asuka, are you single?" A bold guy shouted somewhere in the crowd.

"She is really cute." One of the guy's friends slapped his back.

"Lady Asuka has blessed us with her presence!"

"What has the Fayth told you?"

A small group started chanting her title.

"High Summoner please come play with my children. They adore you!"

A young mother shouted in the crowd.

Asuka was too embarrassed to cover her face with her hands.

She continued to stare like a deer caught in the headlights.

I smirked, "Someone's quite popular today." overlooking the eager crowd.

"No surprise there." Hanami closed her eyes and smiled.

"Shut up." Asuka sighed now burrowing her face in her knees.

Tsubasa hopped onto Asuka's shoulder and licked her ear

"There's got to be a way out of here."

Hanami scanned the crowd for an opening.


She was pleased with the escape route.

With the bubbling energy that a hyper girl could possess, Hanami grabbed Asuka's hand and took off down the street full speed.

Asuka almost tripped over her long skirt and bumped into a couple. "I'm sorry." She called over her shoulder.

I disappeared, my body melting into a flurry of pink rose petals.

Hanami soon pulled Asuka into a dark alley then they watched the crowd run down the street.

They looked at each other and laughed having so much fun.

"Ah, hey I just remembered I made you something. It might help you to blend in more."

Hanami had a wry smile on her face as she threw the pink sphere into Asuka's hands.

Curiously, Asuka activated it with her magic.

Flying pyreflies swarmed around in a brilliant light as the activated sphere changed her appearance.

She was now dressed in a white spaghetti stringed low cut halter camisole.

It was showing off the lower part of her back which made the free spirited girl blush a little.

Bright light blue frilly lace was stitched along the edges of the tight shirt.

The black strings on the front of her top exposed more skin and formed a magical flower insignia.

It was Akari's magical flower symbol that was painted pink on both hers and Hanami's swords.

`This flower insignia must be important to Akari.`

Asuka thought remembering that the same flower symbol was marked on Akari's pets.

Her soft black denim shorts went well with it.

A sparkling long pink half skirt, that looked like the crashing waves of the ocean, fell over her left hip.

The soft material felt like feathers were brushing against her legs and each edge was trimmed in white mimicking the ocean's white caps. One dazzling bloomed cherry blossom ad been pinned on the left side of the half skirt.

The flowers gave the soft material a refreshing and very cute look.

Asuka was amazed at her transformation. "Wow. . . Hanami. . . How did you? . . . Thank you."

Hanami smiled, "At first I was inspired by your cute Summoner dress so I brainstormed from there. . . . And then I saw old photos of Aunt Yuna's Gunner dressphere and I thought that was really cool." Hanami flashed her a mischievous grin then took a bow.

"Thanks to yours truly. People won't recognize their precious Summoner."

Asuka giggled Hanami was always brainstorming ideas.

"We should go look for Akari now."

Hanami darted out of the alley, "Follow me!"; she weaved her way through the massive crowd.

Asuka's knee high white-laced,black boots echoed down the busy street.

"Its hard to believe we ended up staying in this world." I said to the fox twins who mewed in response.

"Heh, I have to admit those oddballs grew on me." I chuckled and enjoyed the happy atmosphere.

"But still. . . I shouldn't get too close to them. I need distance."

"They are so much like you. Akari-chan." Tsubasa's telepathic silvery voice was soothing like a gentle spring wind.

"Do you miss Wisteria?" Oka hesitantly asked, her sweet melodic voice whispered across Akari's mind.

I felt a stab of pain hit my heart, how could she ask that question?

"I don't want to be reminded of that place. . . . The memories are best left forgotten."

"The young and inexperienced girl from long ago, is no more. She is dead to me like all the others."

I turned away from them and checked the area using the holographic map.

I felt their eyes on me as I walked in the right direction.

"Akari!" Asuka shouted as I took in her new appearance.

"Very pretty. . . . What is it?"

"It's uh?" Asuka looked at Hanami for help.

"Her Warrior sphere. . . .Eh, Heh! I'm still working on mine."

Hanami comically stuck her tongue out as she closed her eyes.

`It's a bit too much.` I thought glancing at the flower.

Despite how a little overdone it looked, it still screamed Warrior.

"I love the dress-sphere." I smiled as the spirit fox twins chorused their approval.

"There's the shop. She's rumored to be the greatest hair stylist in all of Luca."

"Lady Asuka?" I turned around and sighed.

Asuka raised her eyebrows in surprise, "Hello, Lady Amaterasu."

"Akari." She sniffed the air disdainfully in my direction.

"Old bag." I muttered under my breath.

"I shall pretend I did not hear that, bodyguard."

Lady Amaterasu hissed then was quickly all smiles.

"I almost didn't recognize you my dear."

A shiver of displeasure crawled up my spine.

She always gives me this unsettling vibe like another annoying person from the past.

Asuka was clearly disappointed much to Lady Amaterasu's satisfaction.

"Wha? Nah, she's not Asuka. She's uh. . ."

Asuka touched Hanami's arm, "Thanks for trying."

"What brings you here to Luca?"

"What are you doing in sunlight?"

I drawled enjoying the sour faced look she pinned on me.

"If you must know, I am here to. . . To get a haircut."

The surprised look Amaterasu had was all Asuka needed to gather even more courage.

"I plan to have it cut short, Lady Amaterasu." Asuka smirked pleased with her revenge.

""Is that all?" Lady Amaterasu laughed shocking everyone.

"I don't care what length you cut it. Short or long hair, it doesn't anger me in the slightest."

Asuka blinked, "What?"

"Good day Lady Asuka." Lady Amaterasu took her leave.

"Aww man, I can't believe this!" Hanami stamped her foot.

"It seems impossible to get on her bad side." I patted Asuka's shoulder affectionately. "We'll keep trying."

"Maybe next time." Asuka nodded with a cheerful smile; the wind picked up and blew through her long hair.

"Well that was fun, let's head back to Besaid." I turned to lead the way.


I looked over my shoulder wondering what was up.

"Um." Asuka trailed off then tried again, "I want to see my father. You were the one who helped him cross worlds, right?"

"Yes." I nodded, `Because I don't want to see his face.`

"I want to see him and find out why he never calls us or even tries to go home."

"Asuka." Hanami said sadly, then looked up at me. "I want to help too."

'Traveling to and from worlds is dangerous.' I thought and glanced down at the fox spirits.

"Okay, I'll let you use Oka and Tsubasa. Their powers can open portals allowing a person to travel at such distances."

`So it was these two all along who helped my father cross over to Midgar?`

Asuka thought really looking into their mysterious eyes like she was meeting them for the first time.

Tsubasa and Oka's magic symbols glowed and together they opened a portal leading to Midgar.

I drew Asuka and Hanami into a warm embrace. "Please be careful." I whispered not really wanting to let them go.

When did I become so soft?

I stared at the fox spirits silently pleading they would protect these two with their lives.

"Don't worry, Akari-chan." Oka started, "We'll protect them for you." Tsubasa finished her sister's sentence.

`These bloodied hands were never meant to hold such innocent girls.`

I felt a heavy lump in my throat grow bigger as I slowly released them.

The little girls I protected all these years were no longer helpless.

Asuka and Hanami waved goodbye before entering the portal.

:squee: I should eat ramen at some point, unfortunately we don't have any. Oh well, here's this AMV I found to make up for it.

Sorry everyone I am busy with stupid school. UGH. Hate it so much. I really need to catch up in watching Book of Circus damn it!  Not fair! Then I'll see the Murder Mystery arc. Can't wait! I don't mind spoilers how did everyone else like it? 

Oh yeah, I've been writing down some notes here and there for what I have in mind for the Kuroshitsuji arc. The few manga books that I have (Parts of: Circus arc, the Murder mystery, and the Zombie arc.) really help.

Until then, I'll be rocking out to this song in the meantime! 

OMG, the lead singer should be Joker's singing voice! Anyone else agree? :squee: 

Tsunderes you know them from everywhere. Sometimes I wish authors would give the tsundere girl an actual reason why they are short tempered, hot-headed, and violent. Other than just for comic relief, which doesn't seem to be a good enough reason for the plot. I mean that its beginning to be a weak jibe to get the audience to laugh. I'm not entirely against it, I actually enjoy tsunderes beating the crap out of their love interests or the main character. It's just been a little too overdone and has become overrated to me. That doesn't necessarily mean that everyone else feels this way. I'm sure there are a few out there who share the same opinions.  Sometimes I wish tsundere girls (They are usually 100% female, and not male.) had more  of a back story besides comic relief, a solid reason for being the way that they are. Good  reasonable examples: Why they Did they have a bad past, were they abused themselves? Do they have bad parents who don't give a damn? Something like that! I really like that alternative idea of yours! Like have the girl turn a new leaf. My character Miku is a good example of  what I think would cause violent outbursts and hot headed attitudes when it comes to such characters. Hn, Miku is sort of a tsundere? She's hot-headed. Check! She punches a future love interest/tries to literally kill him, and I mean literally. Check!  I guess that's right. Miku will hit and not like her love interest, but she has a good reason for being violent, she is a blood thirsty murderer and has a career in killing innocent people, she's done it so much, she enjoys  taking lives! She is not human, and no not a typical vampire, I'd say she's been experimented on by various scientists, IDK what exactly she is yet. But she is sort of like Lucy from Elfen Lied, erm have the same power as her, and yet she has her original powers such as her own bending darkness (She stars in my KH3 story, please check it out so far! Going to make changes to it later) Scientists abducted her when she was very little and took her away from her parents. Miku's personality comes off as cold, distant, sarcastic, cynical, she's manipulative and just evil. She has her sweet side, but its mostly an act to get her victims to trust her, besides being incredibly beautiful. She has a hard time coming to terms with her actual feelings and casts them off as 'useless human emotions' since she is a killer. With her insecurity about opening up to people, Miku has a hard time accepting friendship, and especially a useless emotion like love.  So when the guy that actually doesn't leave her alone, she punches his lights out, and even tries to assassinate him, like herself he is not human either. So I can't wait until these two crazy pyschos meet!


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