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Chapter 1: Reunited once again

A monster made out of metal came at them from the corner of the group's eyes.

It's metal arms snapped menacingly at the targets with hungry anticipation.

"Elemental blades!" A girl cried unleashing her magical attack on the unsuspecting enemy!

The girl did a flurry of strikes as four huge blades wielding the elements tore up their metal bodies, in a combination of electrical sparks darting towards the enemy, wind blades cutting up the enemy, blue flower petals made up water exploded around the enemy, and finally finishing up with a flaming finishing move. It was an outstanding overkill. The four huge transparent blades disappeared and appeared  in magical sparkles as a single sword strapped to the girl's side like nothing happened. Pink glossy lips curved into a proud smile at her success.

With their mouths agape, everyone was in awe at this powerful move.

"Hehe, another one bites the dust!"

`All of my training has really paid off.'

The girl smiled happily seeing the smoke rise from the enemy's flaming back.

"Whoa is that really?" Teepo gasped, it couldn't be!

"Hm?" She turned around seeing lots of familiar faces.

It was indeed their dear friend.

"Hanami!" Teepo was the first to voice his excitement.

Hanami smiled happy to see them after so long.

"We really missed you." Elize ran up to hug her with Teepo.

Hanami patted the girl's head, not believing it had been a whole year without seeing any of them.

"It's great to see you too." She smiled, `Wow, Elize you've really grown out of your shell.`

"That was a very impressive move. I can tell you've been training hard."

Rowen congratulated her with a proud smile of his own.

Hanami blushed and scratched the back of her head. "I-It wasn't that impressive."

"Keep up the great work." Alvin said to Hanami's surprise.

"Since when did shady guys like you give out compliments?"

Alvin chuckled, "Hey, you can trust me."

"Don't believe him Hanami! He's still a big fat liar."

Hanami chuckled at Teepo, some things never changed.

"Okay, Teepo I'll be careful around him."

"I'm glad you still have a good head on your shoulders."

Hanami nodded at Alvin, then blinked at a few  new people.

"Oh, I see you've made new friends."

"Right, sorry Hanami. This is Ludger and. . ."

"I'm Elle! And this is Rollo."

The little girl cut him off.

Hanami closed her eyes and smiled, "Nice to meet you."

"Meow." Rollo mewed in agreement.

"Is Asuka with you?" Leia asked looking around for their other friend.

Now that she thought about it, Kero wasn't with Hanami either.

"I haven't seen either of them." Hanami said with  a hint of disappointment.

"Asuka?" Ludger blinked, "I met a girl by that name earlier at the station before it was attacked."

Hanami gasped, "You did?"

Ludger recalled the events of what happened.

The young man had been in a hurry to get to job ASAP, while leading Jude to the same train station. A letter he found last year must have fallen out his pocket in the rush.

"Excuse me." A girl's voice caught his attention in the midst of the crowd.

"This is my letter." Her strange eyes, each a different color, gazed at him in confusion.

"How did you get it?" She went on, "I thought it was lost forever."

"The wind blew it to me, and I was going to find the person whom the letter belonged to."

"Did you open it?" The girl's sudden hostility surprised him.

"N-No! Of course not."

The girl sighed, "Good. Thank you for keeping my letter safe. I'm Asuka by the way."

"Ludger." He smiled back, "I hope you don't mind me asking, but why is that letter so important."

Asuka dropped her gaze to the ground, "It's for someone." She was hiding her blush very well, "Someone that I have feelings for and I've missed him terribly."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I hope you mail it to him soon. Maybe he'll feel the same way!"

Ludger noticed the girl was now clutching the letter tightly.

Her knuckles turned white, "No. . . This is stupid, . . . Love is impossible for me."

Ludger widened his beautiful green eyes as he witnessed the girl tearing up her own letter into pieces. The light pink scraps floated the ground between them.

An explosion interrupted them and came from the train.


Screams and confusion spread like a wild fire through the crowd.

Ludger looked back, "Asuka?" to find her gone.

She must have fled in the crowd.

Ludger looked back at Hanami, "That's what happened."

"Asuka." Hanami said sadly, "Something has to be wrong, she's usually happy and upbeat."

`What was in that letter?` Hanami wondered while everyone voiced their opinions about poor Asuka.

"Whatever it is, we'll find out once we find her." Alvin stated, "Right now we have to focus on finding Balan."

"Balan is in trouble?" Hanami asked, then Jude filled her in on everything.

"Okay, I'll help too." She followed the others as they continued their quest.
Tales of Xillia 2
Hanami is back and is stronger than she was before. Seeing familiar faces after so long always makes her happy. Since traveling the worlds with Kero, after the events of Tales of Xillia, Asuka and Hanami had gone their separate ways. Asuka has grown stronger during their time apart and has set out on her own path. A lot can change in one year. 

Song: For you! (instrumental version) 

Sung by: Ayumi Hamasaki (A.K.A Asuka) 

Link to video:…
Chapter 5: An Inescapable past

The sound of rain hitting the cobblestones from an endless black sky was deafening to the ears.

"Man you guys again? Do you ever give up?"

A blade with curved edges that put most of the sharpest weapons to shame materialized out of a mass of darkness.

Water droplets dripped from a very handsome face, "Tch, it always seems to be raining in this depressing world." A cocky grin showed off one of his fangs.

A flash of lightning revealed a shock of spiky hair framing his face, crimson like the blood coursing through a human's veins.

"Let me guess, he sent you. Didn't he?"

Thunder rumbled across the horizon.

Shadows shifted slowly shaping into new monsters, their glowing eyes unblinking.

More Heartless came, taking on new forms to back up the already small group.

This was truly deja'vu all over again for the poor person, spinning and swinging his blade about, the past came rushing back to him.

Black boots raced across the rainy city, hurried footsteps splashed through another clear puddle, swords drawn in each hand, a person dived off of a rooftop.

Sparkling rain drops dripped off of each blade as he sliced his way through a throng of Heartless.

Their hearts faded one by one, more heartless watched the person land on his feet.

A whole army now had him surrounded. It didn't look good for the escapee.

Water sparkled as he spun around taking them all on!

Moves elegant yet fast like the water around him, were deadlier and a little reckless than his pursuers.

Half of the monsters soon faded in black smoke as the rest of the Heartless parted the way for a newcomer to take him on.

Not backing down, the escapee tightened his grip on the beautiful twin blades, a look of pure disgust on his face.

"Give yourself up. . . .It's pointless to keep resisting."

The hooded person dressed in a black cloak, summoned his own blade which glittered in the colorful city lights.

"And become a pawn in some overused devious plot? Sounds too boring for my tastes."

"Have it your way then, but don't say I never warned you."

Renox glared back at the monster before him. `He must be deleted immediately.`

The escapee glared right back with his own menacing glare, silently daring him to make the first move.

"I don't need your warnings. I'll get out of here and find my own path." He pointed his blade at the Organization 13 member.

A smirk curled Renox's lips, "Hmph. . . No matter how far you run, I'll find you. It's as simple as that."

"I wonder if you can actually keep up."

Renox admired this person's flamboyant personality, it was rather entertaining.

"We'll see how long you last."

The escapee flashed a cocky smirk showing off a gleaming fang or two.

Rain drops dripped down crimson bangs as the prisoner's resolve didn't waver.

A blade flashed as lightning brightened the sky, making the prisoner dodge and try stay on the balls of his feet.

They both swung their blades in a deadly dance of life and death.

Coming back to the fight at hand, the stranger stood in the face of the enemy once again.

"You will surrender!" The Heartless nearest to him growled telepathically.

"Yesss! A traitor must pay!"

"Your death will be the worst anyone could ever imagine. The witch will make sure of that."

A female Heartless hissed quietly inside his mind.

Together the Heartless attacked not caring if they damaged buildings in the process of cutting the traitor into pieces.

"Hehe, I missed you guys too."

Their target's red eyes suddenly hardened, "My turn."

Darkness consumed half of his body showing them what a monster he could actually be.

Feeling his incredible power most of the Heartless were quick to retreat.

The few who stayed weren't so lucky.

"Gyaahhhhhh!" Their dying screams withered away and died in the midst of the storm.

"That was fun." The condemned criminal was about to leave when another source of power caught his attention.

Following it, he discovered souls in a deep sleep that needed help.

"Hm, you must be one of them." He told the alluring unconscious girl.

The criminal waved down a carriage rescuing the discovered trio.

"Just my luck." He said with a bored sigh, at least he was out of danger for the moment.

A beautiful girl smiled to herself watching the carriage drive down the road.

Her heeled boots dangled over the edge of a building.

Raindrops dripped down her heart-shaped face and rolled off silky strands of gleaming orange hair.

The girl's really long hair was cutely styled into two pigtails that ended in elegant curls like most of young Noble girls her age wore.

She held her hand to support her head and leaned forward with a brighter smile.

"Big brother is going to be so happy when I tell him this news!"

The innocent girl giggled in delight at her discovery!
Kingdom Hearts 3: Intertwined Destinies chapter 5
Hey, people. It's been forever and I am freaking drained right now. School was a nightmare for me. XD. But so happy I get a short break. I finally updated this story. Here's the new chapter. Er, it's more of an introductory chapter to the start of introducing Book of Circus. 

The song that helped me make the scenes with Renox and the rest of the chapter, I'd say it goes really well with each scene it compliments. Please review. I really want to see more reviews, and let's talk about these mysterious characters!!! 

The song:…

Feeling: Too tired for this Kirito (Yawn) [V1] Jinta Yadomi (Tired) AKCat-bored (Acchi kocchi) Yui Hirasawa (Bored) [V1] Tamako Kitashirakawa (That's a relief) [V1] 
I need to catch up in reading this manga/and watching Book of Circus, because this is the main theme of my next Kingdom Hearts 3 chapter!!!! Book of circus!!! So adding this fun little extra chapter that has been made!!! 
The last time I read the manga, Ciel and Sebastian were in Germany going to hunt down a wherewolf! 

I really think Ciel's "Oh my God! Holy CRAP!" face is priceless! Does anyone else think so? LOL!




My heart will die,

My hesitation becoming a trigger

(Cloaked in black the lone figure’s boots walked across the water of Cosmos’s throne.)

Help me, I said to you,

I believe you,

Your shaking voice escapes out

(“I wasn’t expecting you of all people to come see me.” Yuno leaned forward in the Goddess Cosmos’s chair, with a hand cupping her chin, she smiled sweetly at the unexpected guest.)

Shall we pray for a miracle?

But tragedy is an unending pulse

(“You know why I’m here Yuno.” Nero lifted his black hood as blue sapphire eyes glared at the Time Goddess through a veil of pitch black bangs. There was a splash of red sapphire in his left eye near his iris, its glittering red sparkles flickered like sparks from a fire.)

Repeating in the darkness

Screams, Pain, Anger, Spite

(“Oh, right, you came to Miku’s rescue, didn’t you?” Yuno’s pink eyes danced with delight. “I’m afraid you’re too late for you see I killed her. With her death, I’m the superior Goddess and have won this little game.” Yuno cackled tasting the sweet taste of victory! “Yuno y-you. . . killed. . .” Nero felt his heart stop and shatter into a million glass pieces. No she couldn’t be. Sweat trickled down his sorrow tormented handsome face, “Miku?”

The chosen Blood Teller

(Yuno couldn’t contain her joy much longer, jumping out of her seat, she leaned in to whisper into his ear, “Yes. I ripped her skin apart with my death scythe, it was beautiful. The most beautiful death I have ever seen. Would you like me to show you?”

I don’t want to cry, and I don’t want to see you anymore. . .

Burning love insects

(With a burst of the Goddess Yuno’s power, she shattered the room like glass shards, transporting them into a white void of nothingness. “Now, see your princess’s end.” Yuno’s sadistic smile made Nero’s heart strike an angry cord.)

Coming to see me while wanting to cry, chasing after me,

No one can stop you

(Images of his Miku displayed on various film strips with a light blue glow. The glowing memories of Miku’s death displayed on all film and played like a movie that surrounded the Goddess and the warrior.)

Is this the future? Or a dream?

Where is the answer?

(Nero gritted his teeth as he saw a sword slash Miku’s open gashed body, her lithe body fell backwards with her long gleaming hair, white as the snow, gracefully cascaded down her shoulders in soft waves.)

This is the door that tests the present

Should I destroy it or open it?

What should I do?

(He watched helplessly as his beloved’s body plummeted into a dark abyss.)

I was struck by those words,

Too late to give unnecessary pity

(“Tragic, isn’t it? How does it feel to lose everything before you had a chance to obtain it?” Yuno pursed her lips cutely. “You’ll never have what Yuki and I share.”

Tell me, you said to me,

I’ll take you away, my resolution wasn’t enough

(The strips of film floated around them now showing other images of Miku. “Oh, that’s right! Your halves shared their moments with her and each one fell for her charm. I guess that only increased your love for her.” Yuno’s own black cloak fluttered ominously in a wind that came from nowhere. Strands of pink hair brushed against her pink glossed lips. `He is much more handsome than my Yuki, but . . . I love my Yuki more. He is my snowflake! ` Yuno thought with another flirtatious smile at Nero.

Shall we be tied down by reason?

But you ran away in fear

(“You know you can still have me, even though I have Yuki. I kind of want your tormented soul too.” Yuno’s boots echoed across the floor, a cold hand cupped his warm face tenderly. Her eyes ate his handsome image with so much desire that it ached.)

Forgiving while hugging,

Grief, Resentment, Impatience, Bloodlust

(“Think of our future, we’ll complete each other. Body and soul and rule all worlds.” Yuno gently pressed her lips against Nero’s.)

If it repeats, Blood Teller

(Nero felt indifferent as she pulled away and felt like stone when she wrapped her arms around him. “I’ll have you both with me forever.)

I don’t want to touch you, and although it’s cold,

I don’t want to see you,

Existences that tremble and seek each other

(The black film strips increased, upsetting the young warrior with their images of Miku.)

Coming to see me, touch me, and question me,

No one will get in your way

(A scene from his past caught, Nero’s attention: “You are the prettiest rose I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen lots.” Miku rolled her eyes at Sumbith, that charming smile of his was getting on her last nerve. “I’m not a pretty rose.” Miku turned away when he grabbed her arm.)

Is this the future I wished for? An ungranted dream?

Where is the answer?

(“Yes, you are, but you’ve been tainted with poison and I want to free you.” He gazed deeply into her sapphire blue eyes that seemed to sparkle under the full moon they were under. Miku stared back a blush creeping along her cheeks, “Stop talking nonsense!” She angrily moved away, so the flaming red haired guy wouldn’t see her blush. “Don’t you dare call me a pretty rose again.” She resumed walking away, “Fine, I won’t.” With a sigh, the cold girl faced him, “Really?” Sumbith nodded, “You have my word, my Lady.” Miku scoffed at the stupid rules of being a proper gentleman. She was beginning to hate England. “I’m afraid I can’t contain my excitement whenever I’m around your beauty. . .” Sumbith closed his eyes and grinned from ear to ear, “So, I shall call you, my beautiful rose.” A flying kick sent the little letch into a building surprising the people inside the ballroom. “Call me that again and you won’t live for another night! Damn letch!” Miku stormed off down the street, the street lamps lighting her way. The scene melted away with the fading image of Miku’s rare beauty. Nero tightened his grip on his swords and unsheathed them angrily.)

This is the door that tests even my wishes

Destroy it? What if I open it?

Lost Heaven

(“No, you’re wrong.” Nero growled out then slashed the strips of film with blinding slashes of darkness breaking the white void they were stuck in.)

I want to stay, the chosen Blood Foreigner,

Disappear, signs of betrayal

(Now they stood on different cliffs in a beautiful new realm, the realm of the Time Goddess. Crystals of different colors hovered in the air and sparkled over a crystallized pathway leading to a blue crystal throne. Crystallized flowers sparkled within the fog. It looked like an ice crystal realm. “Miku is alive, I can feel her power slowly gaining its strength. No amount of power you throw at her can measure to hers.” His piercing blue eyes glowered at the Goddess’s startled ones.)

But I want to live, if it repeats Blood Alien

Sleep, so you can’t return

(“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I killed her and watched her bleed to death! I’m stronger than she ever was!” Yuno screamed fixing her livid gaze on him who doubted her ultimate power.)

I don’t want to cry and I don’t want to see you anymore,

Burning love intersects

(A black portal opened, a flash of long hair white as snow and soft as feathers flew in the light breeze. The eighteen year old girl’s black heeled boots clacked against the crystalized pathway leading up the throne. Mur Mur, the one who stayed loyal to her hovered next to her. A flowing cloak, that looked like a black starry night sky trailed over her shoulders touching the floor. Mur Mur couldn’t hold in her excitement that the awestruck faces.)

Coming to see me, while wanting to cry, chasing after me,

No one can stop you

(The other Mur Mur who was loyal to Yuno had her mouth agape. “No way!” She gasped then the other Mur Mur below stuck her tongue out. “In your faces! The end game is in our favor! Muhahahahahaha!”)

Is this the future? Or a dream?

Where is the answer?

(“That’s enough Mur Mur.” Sometimes Mur Mur could be such a pain. Still a small smile spread across Miku’s angelic face. Nero’s warm smile was rewarded with a confused look from Miku. ‘Who the hell is he? Must be some bystander eager to watch our fight. ` Miku regarded him with a teasing flutter of her eyelashes.)

This is the door that tests the present,

Should I destroy it or open it?

Blood Teller

(‘This is it. ` Miku slowly gave a challenging look at Yuno’s pissed off face and felt the other Goddess’s power try to choke her heart. Both Mur Murs’ felt the tension crackle like electricity in the air. `H-How is this possible? ` Yuno stood on the higher cliff that overlooked a river with clear sparkling water. It separated them, but the heated edge between the Goddess’s was even greater than it ever was before. Yuki stood nearby on another jagged ice crystal cliff as part of the audience. `The final fight that decides everyone’s fates! Kero, Hanami. Everyone else. It’s up to you now to carry on the rest. I’ll stay behind and finish this fight. Together, we will win this conflict and defeat our enemies.  I wish you all good luck. ` Miku smiled a cocky grin, her eyes challenging the other Goddess. “Miss me?” She asked Yuno sweetly.





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